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Reclining Armitage


There’s just something about these images of Mr. Armitage when he’s reclining that I like.  He certainly manages to smoulder quite nicely;  those amazing eyes, gazing into ours, the slight upward curve of his lips into an enigmatic near-smile. A look of amusement, as if to say, “Look, I don’t take all this seriously…” And a look of–challenge?

The shirt, sometimes open just enough to allow us a glimpse  of that tempting hollow at the base of his throat, that smooth white “v” of skin. I love him in pretty much any shade of  blue but there’s something about him in a crisp white button-front shirt that I really like.  And when we see those beautiful hands, it’s always a bonus. The rolled-ups sleeves revealing those rather hairy and very touchable-looking forearms? Also most appealing.

Oh, dearest Richard, the thoughts your image can put into our heads . . . no matter what position you are in. You certainly have a way of leaving us prostrate! (photos via Richard Armitage Net)

Wow, it really IS the United Nations of Armitage . . .


Richard Armitage following an interview flashes a thumbs up to his fans. "Well done, ladies. How far-flung our little community has become!"
(Richard Armitage Net)

Here at WordPress we have a slew of statistics available to us–number of total views, views by post/page,  search engine terms, and so forth. I can also now see the countries where my blog is being read.  I knew, of course, I had a number of readers from other countries; after all, Mr. A is better known in other parts of the world than he is here in the U.S, for now at least.


Still, when I look at the overall summary of the nations where The Armitage Effect has been viewed since its inception in early February, I can only say, “Wow.”

More than 75 countries. Again, wow.

Now, granted a couple of dozen of those countries have only one or two hits–likely people looking up info on Impressionist artists, or tattoos or “pictures of tied-up guys” and not specifically Richard Armitage, actor.  Still, I am impressed by the increasing interest shown in this amazing gentleman.

Here are the top 25 countries  for all-time views starting with number one: the U.S., closely followed by the U.K., Australia, Hungary, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, France, Turkey, Norway, Brazil, Romania, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Serbia, Russian Federation, Argentina and Switzerland.

Let’s see, that includes the continents of North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. I think that just leaves Antarctica and Africa (and there are a few hits from South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco).

Not bad, Richard, my dear–not bad at all.  And I only see the Armitage effect (and I don’t just mean this blog) continuing to make a greater and greater impact on this world.  So much talent, intelligence, dedication, beauty,  sweetness, sexiness and sheer deliciousness deserves to be recognized.

And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow.

Amazingly Adroit Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


When today’s word popped up in my  email, I could only say, “One of those perfect words for Mr. A!” Just look at the definition . . .

adroit (adjective): (1) Cleverly skillful, resourceful or ingenious. (2) Expert or nimble in use of the hands or body.

See what I mean?  😀  Here are just a few of the many, many examples of Mr. A being adroit.

As John Thornton, RA displays how adroit he is at using his hands to make his kisses all the more swoon-worthy.

Lucas displays how adroit his physicality is whilst racing through the streets of London.

Richard is most adroit at using his beautiful eyes to seduce us.

With his expertise at crafting distinct characters of both sexes and all classes and ages, Richard is very adroit in his narration for audiobooks.

As S3 Sir Guy, Richard proved adroit at hair acting, allowing those extensions to become part and parcel of the characterization.

Hooray for Adroit Armitage!


 (screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

Not enough words to describe him? A little project underway . . .


Teuchter made a comment about my “waxing rhapsodic” post referencing the fact we practically seem to run out of superlatives when it comes to describing our lovely Richard.

Funny she should mention that, because earlier this evening, Hubby asked me  to come up with words relating to Richard Armitage.


“Oh, I am sure I can come up with quite a lot of words,” I said with something sounding vaguely like a  purr to my voice.

He raised a brow and smirked a little. “Oh, I’m sure you could.”

You see, Hubby is planning to make a little film for our arts council’s upcoming production (assuming the director doesn’t wait until the 11th hour as she tends to do) and it’s supposed to center around dreams, as in the Disney song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” And he thought I might be interested in incorporating Mr. Armitage into that video. You know, because I have a bit of an interest in the chap. *cough*

And so I studied the opening credits of the TV show Fringe, which he had been advised had a very interesting opening sequence.

“See how it appears to be layered, almost a 3D effect? That was done with Adobe AfterEffects . . .  the words seem to be coming at you.” Hubby explained to me.

Fringe (TV series)

Fringe (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hmmm. Richard Armitage. Leaping off the screen and coming right at me. I could think of worse things.

So it appears I need to come up with a lot of words to describe Mr. Armitage. Words that would be suitable for a general audience. I thought I would give you the opportunity to share some of your favorite RA adjectives . . . see photos below for inspiration.

(screencaps Richard Armitage Net)