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The Handsome Stranger surrounded by stacks of books as he meets his new neighbors in the eccentric village of Dibley. A funny, sweet, sexy fellow who also loves a good read. My kind of man.  (VoD screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central)

I have mentioned in previous posts  the countries where the blog has the highest number of hits and those readers who most  frequently comment. I thought you might also be interested in knowing what the overall most read posts are, so here we go!

Not surprisingly, the home page comes in at number one. Number two is A glimpse at young Armitage, followed by the F3 post, Fanfiction goin’ mainstream; the Paul Andrews BTS post; my essay on my fascination with RA,  Why Richard Armitage?; Guy’s F3 interview with LadyWriter on Sloth Fiction; I’m Just Crazy about Thorin . . . More Pics. More Thoughts; Up close with Luscious Lucas and a shakin’ spy vid; Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW:TAE Word for the Day Pt.2, and Marian, you’re an idiot.

Thank goodness Sir Guy made it into the top ten, or I would have never heard the end of it, I fear.

As for lovely Lucas, ahhh–we certainly haven’t forgotten him. Like our other beloved chaRActers, Lucas was Loved Into Being and now has SND status.

The Paul Andrews post actually has the most comments, I believe, of any posts. Nothing like a little controversy to get folks talking. It will be interesting to see which stories come out on top when TAE celebrates its first anniversary in February 2013.

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  1. Finally got myself a DVD player and watched BTS from beginning to end last night (I was up until 2.30 am…you can imagine how useless I am at work today! ).Dear oh dear. What a bunch of sleazebag characters (including, I’m afraid, gorgeous Paul.. ) Could they have made Kieran any more repulsive?Or in fact, his mother, with her incredibly irritating lip-gloss obsession? And don’t get me started on the Russian (?) au-pair…Having worked as an au-pair for 2 years, I found that part of the storyline quite shocking.. She whines about the son harassing her for sex yet she jumps into bed (her employer’s bed!!) with a complete stranger at the party? Eugh. I could go on and on… The actors did a superb job I thought, especially Brenda Blethyn & Alun Armstrong (RA was fantastic but that goes without saying). I hated Julie Graham’s character with a vengeance so if that was the intention of the writer then she achieved that brilliantly. I read an interview with the director on RAcentral and she said they wanted a 2nd series but it wasn’t commissioned. I would have liked to have found out what happened to Paul.. Like it or not, he played a huge part in Tracy’s suicide. How can you live with that sort of thing on your conscience?

    • Yes, some very unlikeable characters here. I also found Brenda and Allun’s whiny son very unpleasant. I couldn’t seem to find any redeeming qualities in him. And the hostess at the strip club he and his dad both lusted after–frankly, she reminded me of a transvestite. I guess I just couldn’t see the attraction. *shrugs shoulders*

      I have to profess I did not like Julie Graham much before seeing this and even less afterwards. Usually I can separate an actor from the role. I mean, Allun was this horrible abusive father whom I hated in Sparkhouse, but I still like him as an actor and enjoy him in other roles. I hated Hugh in Strike Back but I still love Andrew Lincoln. However, I detested JG’s character in At Home with the Brathwaites, the only other thing I remember seeing Julie in–she was a manipulative, greedy b**ch and that image stuck with me.

      And then I saw her in BTS, and she was so self-centered and oblivious to any shortcomings on her own part, with that rotten spoiled Kieran–and the damned lip gloss! I totally sympathized when Allun’s character snapped at her. I felt like doing the same thing along with slapping her. And now I have no desire to see her in anything else. 😉 Paul–oh, I really did not want to believe he did what he did, and RA kept me guessing with his performance.

      I am not sure I could have had any empathy for the character if he’d been played by a lesser actor. As it is, I didn’t see Paul as a monster, but a weak man who was somewhat desperate for attention and acknowledgement by a female who “wanted me.” I think he felt like little more than Alona’s boy toy, whereas Tracy looked up to him. It’s just a terrible shame it had to be this unstable young girl he entered into a relationship with . . . at least he did own up to what he’d done (tragically too late for Tracy) rather than continuing to cover things up. I did think he had some genuine remorse . . . I would have also been interested to know what happened to him.

      • Yes, Simon was horrible, wasn’t he? I found his treatment of his girlfriend abominable. Then claiming he was in love with the hostess after one quickie at the nightclub? Yeah right, pull the other one. 🙂 Totally agree Angie, that Giorgia woman did look like a man in drag! I haven’t seen “At home with the Brathwaites”. Apparently JG had a part in Bedrooms and Hallways too which I really loved (an interesting and sexy little indie movie with Kevin McKidd, Jennifer Ehle, James Purefoy, Tom Hollander,Hugo Weaving, Simon Callow), but I’ll be damned if I can remember her in that. So she can’t have been that irritating otherwise I would probably remember her. 🙂 Or maybe it was just a small part.
        No, didn’t think Paul was a monster at all. I think in the beginning he totally believed his own lies, he WANTED to believe that he didn’t do those things. Yes, I think the remorse was very real. I could actually imagine him doing something really desperate himself (suicide would not be out of the question- though the fact that he had a young daughter may prevent that from happening) because he couldn’t forgive himself for what he had done… For all its flaws and all those annoying characters, one thing can be said for BTS, it was definitely thought provoking!

        • Simon was a total wanker IMHO. I felt very sorry for the girlfriend but I honestly thought she was better off without the likes of him. I don’t think it was love in Simon’s case–just old-fashioned lust. 😉 He seemed very immature to me.

          I have never seen Bedrooms and Hallways“–JG had a significant role in a series they aired here, Survivors, and because of her, I didn’t watch it. Perhaps if, as with GOR in The Young Victoria, she had a small role and I didn’t have to see her topless (LOL) I wouldn’t mind.

          It is a very thought-provoking show, indeed. I think that’s what led to so many comments on that post I did on Paul.

          • I can highly recommend Bedrooms and Hallways! It’s a bit risqué as it has some man+man bedroom scenes but it’s tastefully done and very well acted. Tom Hollander is absolutely hilarious as the main character’s gay best friend. Love that guy! 🙂

  2. I just saw BTS last week for the first time. You are both right about your assessments. I wanted to smack most of the characters!!! But Richard did keep me guessing until the very end. It was a very good performance for RA. That irritating actress that he had to play opposite of was very annoying! I just wanted her to get her sleazy hands off of Richard! She was suppose to be the “mature” one in the relationship, but Paul was the only one who was trying to discipline her idiot son!

    • Dare I say her–nipples also annoyed me? Well, heck, it’s my blog, so yes I will. God knows I not saying I have the best-looking bosom in the world, but my nipples do not look like large brown pencil erasers. Trust me on this.

      Poor Paul would never be able to live up to Alona’s (I suspect highly idealized) memories of her late husband, the paragon of virtue, so I think that relationship was doomed from the start.

      I think the sexual attraction was the basis of their relationship–I mean, that’s what brought them together in the infamous one sock scene–and when that went awry and Paul felt unappreciated and disrepected, the whole relationship was endangered.

      It seems to me Paul was treated as a visitor in the household who just happened to be the father of her youngest child and not a member of it, and certainly that spoiled brat Kieran was not encouraged to give Paul any respect as the man of the house. As I have said before, Alona reminded me of the shoemaker whose children go barefoot. Physician, heal thyself!

      • Hmmm I didn’t notice her nipples… I wasn’t really paying attention to them. There were more.. erm.. interesting bits to look at in that scene..*blush* *blush* *blush* As annoying as JG was I have to say she did have chemistry with RA so the sex scenes were quite hot. I must admit I wasn’t looking at his feet in that first bedroom scene, I was busy looking at…oh you know. *embarrassed giggle* I read that RA advised his mum to make “lots of cups of tea” during the sex scenes. I don’t have children but I can’t imagine any parent wanting to watch his or her child having sex, even if you know it’s not for real… I couldn’t find the interview or article though in which he mentioned he told his mum he had a “bum double” for the sex scenes. 🙂

        • Yes, the chemistry was undeniable. I think if there had been the lack of chemistry in BTS that we saw with RA and GOR in their sex scenes, we’d have all been rooting for Paul to go out and have an affair with somebody (who was of age and good mental health, of course). I love, love, love that he told his mum he used a bum double. This grown man feeling as if he needs to hide some things from mum, bless his heart . . . I agree, I doubt many parents would want to see their child in the act, real or pretend, just as no child wants to see their parents going at it. I have used a variation on one particular Paul line in some of my fanfic. “Is this what you need, Alona? This?” 😉

          • Yes “is this what you need” was so HOT!!! *fans herself* As I said I couldn’t find that quote about the “bum double” maybe I was looking in the wrong place?
            Another thing that really, really bugged me about Alona is that she went to that seedy guy’s place to “have sex”, OK, she didn’t go through with it, but then he told Paul that there was “no difference” in her mind between thinking about cheating and actually doing it! Double standards, anyone? Oh yes, and the fact that she discussed her clients’ case with her colleague so freely, I mean, is that normal? Is she allowed to do that? What about patient-therapist confidentiality? She was so quick to pass judgment on Alun’s character and also very quick to brand Paul as impotent! What an appalling woman.

            • She really was not a very likeable woman in some ways, dear old Alona. She was so quick to assume Paul was guilty of something when the issues about Paul’s relationship with Tracy first came up. I know that if someone I supposedly loved and shared my home and a child with, was accused of some wrongdoing, I would want to give them the benefit of doubt until I knew more of the facts. Innocent until proven guilty . . . And yes, she did the same sort of thing to Alun’s character.

              I thought her plan to go out and shag some total stranger didn’t paint her in a flattering light, even if she did decide against it. I don’t know about the ethics of therapists discussing cases with other therapists, I know you aren’t supposed to share such confidentialities with other patients, family members and the like.

              Frankly, I think she was something of a nymphomaniac. If Paul wasn’t ready, willing and able to “service” her whenever she wanted it, something had to be wrong with HIM, obviously. Paul did wrong and he was going to have to live with that awful knowledge for the rest of his life, but he also earned my sympathy re his dysfunctional relationship with Alona.

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