Blue Monday with our blue-eyed boy


Those beautiful blue eyes of his are so expressive, aren’t they? Tenderness, desire, yearning, fear, introspection, concern, anger, frustration, adoration . . . it’s all there in those bottomless blue eyes.

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        • This is good info to share with everyone who loves RA fanvids. Elvira has a site with many different vidders’ works available for download in various formats, including some vids you will not find elsewhere (or if you do, the audio is muted). One of those is EF’s Behind Blue Eyes. That is where I downloaded to my computer a while back. I didn’t realize it had been blocked at you-know-where.

  1. That first picture of Lucas has to be one of the most beautiful images of Richard ever! Makes me love Lucas even more…And this dark angel should be John Bateman? Nevah!

    • John who? 😉

      With regard to Richard’s eyes … Oh! Those eyes! *sigh* … I have always loved that quote by Orla Brady (talking about Strike Back) when she said: “He’d get me with his eyes and hook me in.”

      He has the same effect on me too, Orla! And I probably wasn’t even in the same country as him at the time, let alone within touching distance!

  2. “Blue eyes. Baby’s got blue eyes. Like a deep blue sea. On a blue blue day … Blue eyes. Holding back the tears. Holding back the pain. Baby’s got blue eyes… ” This song keeps playing in my head, and I’m wondering has anyone done a fanvid to it?

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