Guy Candy, y’all! *cause I’m a southern gal*


It really IS the Beauty and the Beast, isn’t it? The Terrible and Treacherous Troll and the Hunky Hotter-Than-Hell Henchman. Lovin’ that pose, Sir Guy!

“Oh, no. The Fangurlz are about to descend on us. You might want to disappear, Bobbin, or they will trample you trying to get to me.”

Oh, Guy--you are so very gorgeous.

Sir Guy, you can rescue me and take me home any old time you want . . .

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  1. Fangurlz gliding from the sky in the Middle Ages? LOL!
    And Leonardo Da Vinci has not invented the flying machine yet! LOL

    Have you ever dreamed of Sir G. in a comic stripe? Unfortunately I’m not the creative kind at drawing, otherwise….

    • I am more of a realist in drawing than comic strips style, but I might give it a shot one day. Hey, Carla, you forget. They had hang gliding in RH. Remember the Irish Brothers in S3, and Hoodie improvising with a canopy on top of the castle? 🙂

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