He’s come a long way, baby . . .


The idea of being considered a sex symbol may be ridiculous to Richard, but like it or not, that is what our lovely fella has morphed into–a classy, elegant, thinking-woman’s sex symbol.

We talk about “guilty pleasures” but I don’t feel guilty in finding pleasure in my adoration of Mr. A. It simply shows I have the Good Taste Gene.

And look at all that I have learned, the friendships I have made and the adventures I have taken through watching/listening to his performances. And so much, I am sure, lies ahead . . . I can hardly wait.

The Beanpole with the Big Mouth and the Hooter He Yet to Grow Into . . .

In his Cold Feet days . . . definitely morphed into the sexy hunk . But wait! It gets better . . .

He dazzles at one of his earlier red carpet appearances.

Middle-aged? Yes. And also sexier than ever!


Richard Armitage: proof that some things do get better with age. An ever more brilliant actor, going from strength to strength, a lovely human being–generous, kind and thoughtful– and one very attractive man.  It’s just marvy to have the GTG!





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  1. Oh my, yes he has! I was just watching the episode he did of Casualty on Youtube! He was good in his bit but nothing at all like the powerhouse he is today!

    And I love the thinking-woman’s sex symbol. He truly is that!

    • He’s always been talented but he’s just honed his craft more and more over the years; he’s more comfortable with interviews now. Look at how great he handled the whole Hobbit press conference. I also like to call him the Greek God-Like DIY Geek and Thinking Woman’s Sex Symbol. 😉

  2. Oh yes! We have the GTG alright! I just seem to find him even more talented and stunning as time passes. You just have to compare his Oct 2007 GMTV interview and the May 2010 one on the same show to see the contrast! And I believe he has only gained more confidence since then although he certainly doesn’t push himself in front of the cameras as is evident in Peter J’s Sixth Production video of March 1st!! Bless him!:)

    • Oh, by no means is he a camera hog. Watch how he sat back and gave his attention when all the other actors were being questioned at the press conference, and then when he did start taking questions—WOW! Did he make an impression. I love that quiet self-confidence of his.

    • Exactly, he might have been something of a late bloomer re his looks, but boy did he ever BLOOM when it did happen and continues to do so, as he seems to get more handsome with each passing year. 😀 To me that is so much better than the bland “boyishly handsome” guy who has lost most of his looks by the time he hits 35.

      • I think he looked breathtakingly, stunningly, mind-blowingly gorgeous in his younger days too for example in BTS or Sparkhouse! He just looks more mature nowadays, whereas he looked more boyish back then. I like both looks (boyish-mature) equally, I can’t differentiate! They’re both endearing in different ways.

        • Oh, he has always been beautiful to ME. That long-maned young man of 22 with the gentle, shy smile and lovely eyes draws me in. Kathrygaul will tell you how gorgeous he was back in the late 90s in Cleopatra with his Caesar cut and toga. And then there’s the roles you mentioned and others. Captain Ian in his rugby gear. And nothing but his towel and the sheen of water . . . Lee in his (gulp) Speedos . . .

          I think in Richard’s sprouting up to his full height at only 14 and feeling so gangly and giraffe-like, being teased about his big “hooter” and being a bit shy to begin with, all combined to give him the self-image of being odd-looking. He’s actually said he always thought he was a bit odd-looking. Which, combined with his endearing modesty and humility makes it so hard for him to think of himself as sexy or handsome. Miranda Raison from Spooks said something along the lines of she has never met a man who was as uncomfortable with his own good looks as Richard. 😉

          • Yes, it’s hard for US to understand that he just doesn’t SEE himself the way we see him. But being called a sex god and sex on legs and stuff like must be a lot of pressure so really it’s no wonder he’s trying to dodge these things. Btw, I quite like giraffes, I think they’re elegant and very cute! 🙂

            • yeah, I like giraffes, too. I think RA is wise in recognizing you need more than sexiness to maintain a long and satisfying career. Talent and versatility and dedication–all of which he has in spades–are needed, too. He’s handsome and charming and fit enough that he could probably continue to get roles just coasting on those attributes, but thank heavens he is made of much better stuff than that.

          • Hi, I’ve never posted on this board before, but after reading this post all I could think was, “Yes, I know someone who suffers the same self-image problems. I have two sons, one is 14 (nearly 15) and one who is 12. Both are very tall for their age. My 14 y/o hit the 6’2 mark at 13, and also suffers with being “giraffe-like” around his school mates, who are a good head or more shorter then he. He also suffers from bad acne, which doesn’t do his confidence any favours. He is quite shy, but starting to get wome confidence.

            My 12 y/o is about 5’10/11 and been taller than me (5’7) for a while now, but he luckily has a “nice looking face” (with no acne), so doesn’t suffer (yet) from the same shyness that his brother has.

            I must say, looking photos of RA now v when he was younger, I really do apprecate the more mature RA – taking in account life’s experiences and all that, he really is more appealing the older he gets. But maybe I’m biased – single, 40 y/o middle aged women that i am! He does make my heart beat faster! (And secretly pleased that he is enjoying himself immensely here in NZ (yes, I am luck enough to live in Middle-Earth).

            • Hello, Jemma from Middle-Earth 😀

              Thanks for commenting and welcome!

              I do not blame you at all for being happy having Richard there in NZ and knowing how much he is enjoying himself. I was ridiculously pleased when he came to the US for the CA premiere last summer. Knowing he was just a few hours away from me . . . 😀

              My oldest sister had acne problems as a teenager and I know how difficult that can be. She was also very buxom and self-conscious about it, and would round her shoulders trying to make it less obvious. The teen years can be hard to navigate and young people can be cruel. For me, it was a pair of glasses that got thicker and thicker each year with certain bullying types making cruel remarks that have stuck with me even to this day.

              I am sure RA got teased about his height and his over-sized nose, but it ultimately made him a stronger person, I think, more empathic to others and I think he’s channeled some of those experiences into his performances with great effect.

              I love how he defended Joe Armstrong on RH when other cast members joked about his nose. And yes, he just becomes more and more attractive and appealing as the years pass–married, 51-year-old woman that I am! 😉 As I have said, he is our Greek God-Like DIY Geek and the Thinking Woman’s Sex Symbol. 😀

  3. He’s always been gorgeous, but in the last few years he has become simply stunning. He takes my breath away every time I look at him.

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