Poll: Who is your favorite RA “bad boy?” (Choose up to three)


I will never ask you what your least liked Richard Armitage characters are, because honestly, there is something I appreciate about each and every one of them and it sort of hurts my feelings to think of any of them being rejected, yes, even Heinous Heinz.  (This is no slam at Ali and the recent poll at Richard Armitage Net; hey, after a while and especially with an RA drought, you run out of ideas!)

But I am curious as to which of Richard’s  dodgy/rebellious/amoral/ criminal characters is your favorite, and why? I will even let you choose three.

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  1. Richard was great in all these roles of course, but Guy is so far ahead of the others in my affections that I only voted for him! 🙂

      • Guy had so much more screen time than any of the others, so obviously his character was developed to a far greater extent. IMO we know Guy pretty much inside out, while his other characters are still quite ambiguous. With the possible exception of Lee, perhaps. He was just shallow! 🙂

        • Exactly. We got 37 episodes of Guy compared to much briefer amounts of time with other characters. And I am SOOOO grateful for that. 😀 Lee–oh, bless, yes, he was simply a gorgeous horndog who couldn’t resist the challenge of bedding yet another female. A guy to have a fling with but mercy me, don’t expect anything more or deeper than a fling!!

  2. Ok, Sir Guy and Heinz are the only RA baddies I’ve seen so far (but based solely on the photos I’ve seen here from Moving On, I’m scouring the library and Netflix for that one heh heh). But it really isn’t any contest for me, it’s all about the matchless master-at-arms.

  3. 1. Sir Guy Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    2. Lee Preston
    3. John Mulligan

    Guy, you are my obsession and you’ll be my lovely sexy bad boy for eveeeeeeeeer ! See you are number one !

  4. Oh, I can’t vote for John Mulligan three times? ;o)
    Had to split my focused attention, and, though not really content with the story line of Spooks, RA’s acting as John Bateman was brilliant. And as I love freedom, the third for me is Ricky Deeming. (Yes, I confess, no Guy far and wide – he is redeemed and no bad boy after all ;o)
    Though the nice and happy Percy Courtenay also holds me entranced, but not as bad guy.

    • I am sure Johnnie Mulligan would smile and say in a low, velvety tone, teasingly seductive: “Oh, go ahead, Cdoart, vote for me three times. You know you want to . . .”
      Actually I am with you on Guy. He was never really a bad boy to me, just–misunderstood. 😉 And now he’s redeemed AND So Not DEAD!! 😀

  5. #1 is Guy, of course. #2 I chose John Bateman because as cdoart said, Richard’s actor was a tour d force. It was difficult for me to choose a 3rd, because it’s a tie between several of the other characters but I finally chose John Mulligan because Richard was so sexy it that part!!

  6. I voted for Guy (for obvious reasons), John Mulligan (‘cos he’s so damn sexxxxxy), and Paul Andrews because he’s such a fascinating and complex character! I’m sorry but from the clips I saw of “George Gently” Ricky Deeming didn’t come across as a bad boy to me…A rebel yes but bad boy? Don’t know. Haven’t seen the whole episode so there might be something I missed?

    • Well, in terms of Ricky, he’s a black leather clad biker who is suspected of two murders, has something of a disdain for authority. doesn’t like playing by society’s rules and doesn’t mind showing it. That would make him “a bad boy” in some people’s eyes, if not yours and mine. I tried to be inclusive in the choices. 😉

  7. Ricky Deeming may have been a ‘bad boy’ to the stuffed shirts of the 1960’s but I think he’s great he looked after his gang of misfits and didn’t use his fists and if there was an ambiguity about his sexuality who cares it would have been consentual he wasn’t a predator. It’s a shame there wasn’t a chance to flesh out his character in future episodes.

    • I would have liked to have seen more of Ricky, too. He was a really interesting character; you felt there was a lot going on in that brain. As I mentioned in another post, I often want to know so much more about these characters of RA’s that he has played in a single episode of a series–Ricky, John Mulligan, Philip Turner–what influences helped mold them, what happens in their futures.

  8. Hi Angie!
    I love the miRAcle in black leather !
    In fact I like almost every charakter of his,is this have any conection with Richard’s looks?;)
    Surely not! Well,at least there is Percy Courtenay, I can not stand him from the very beginning.

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