Happy Friday, happy writing, happy Richard.


Well, I accomplished one of my goals for today. I got some sleep, and in a nice comfy bed instead of a hard desk.  Poor Mr. Thornton.

Sometimes, you just need to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZs.

The phone didn’t ring once (a rarity here), all remained quiet and peaceful.  I was pretty much out like a light for close to ten hours. Perhaps that was a suggestion I really needed it?

I feel your pain, cute little bunny.

My brain felt rested enough to go back to work on my novel, which meant not only writing but more double-checking for historical accuracy re my collection of reference books and various websites. I am not a historian, of course,  and certain things I am having trouble verifying ( I would go and choose to set the novel in 1750 instead of a more popular period for historical romances, but then I am hard-headed that way) but I did take some steps forward.

More than 500 more words completed along with some re-writing to (hopefully) improve other passages. I feel as I have made progress and that is a satisfying, uplifting experience.  As if I am not beating my head against a brick wall, but actually peeking around it, and, to further mix my metaphors, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t think I actually get writer’s block so much as I get subject block. I mean, I can write pretty much any old time about something; I wrote professionally for ten years and let’s say it becomes a habit.  I like to write, I need to write; I have to write.

I have a charming “Writing Muse” my sister (she of the Orange Beach condo) gave me as a gift. And it looks just like this:

There is a quote on it from the late author James A. Michener:

I love writing. I love the swing and swirl of words as they tangle with human emotions.

I like to say that line out loud. There is a wonderful rhythm to the words as you speak. I would love to hear Mr. A, my beloved muse, read that quote in his rich, warm, earthy voice of chocolate and velvet.

I love Mr. Armitage’s acting. I love the subtle nuances of each lingering glance, each sigh, each flicker of a lush-lashed eyelid and each bob of an Adam’s-apple in that gloriously swan-like neck.  The mobile mouth with its amazing ability to smirk, smile, sneer, snarl and howl.

I love it when Richard speaks with words, and without them. But as a reader, a narrator and actor, I am certain he loves words, written and spoken.  Words, I suspect, make him happy, too.

Thank you, dear Richard, for inspiring me. You are a wonderful storyteller. And I am trying to be.

Thank you for sharing your talent, Richard. It makes us want to share our own.

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  1. “Perhaps that was a suggestion I really needed it?” WHAT have I been telling you? I’m glad you got every minute of those ten hours. And yes, you’re an excellent storyteller — you just need rest and the peace to work.

    • Yes, ma’am. *hangs head and stares at feet* We had rain and thunderstorms and a few blips of the internet and the electricity today, but it’s calmed down now. Bit on the achy side but some more writing done and a decent amount of sleep, too.

  2. I’m glad you managed to catch up on some sleep and made progress on your novel! You go girl! 🙂 I love the Michener quote and the photos you chose for this post, especially the one with the cat and the keyboard! Super cute and super funny (just like Richard in his cbeebies storytelling mode!) !

    • Thanks, Judit. 😀 I had never heard the Michener quote until Sara gave me the Writing Muse but it has become one of my very favorite quotes and one I find I can really relate to it as a writer. I love those ICanHasCheezburgers photos–nothing like cute pets and snappy one-liners paired together. 😉

  3. Angie you are a superwoman !!!! Blogger, Writer, Video maker, “Richarder” …
    But to be inspired by the marvellous Mr Armitage is pure bliss for you, isn’t ?

    You would love “Mr A read that quote in his rich, warm, earthy voice of chocolate and velvet”…. that’s why I would like him to read a book in French TO ME with a delicious british accent !
    I would like him to say “anticonstitutionnellement” without stopping … Oh my …

    • Thanks! 😀 Did you notice the open book with the glasses on top is in French, Nadia? I thought of you . . . 😀 I have a whole list of words and phrases that I want to hear him say . . . in a number of different languages!

      • Thank you Angie ! I noticed the book in French and all the words written on that page reminds me how rich and difficult is the French language.
        I have a list too and on the top I want him to say “Я тебя лювлю ” in Russian !
        Oh my dear Lucas …

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