Rare & Amusing Insults 3: Guy and the Princely Milksop

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Sir Guy of Gisborne. Definitely NOT a milksop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

milksop: an unmanly man; a mollycoddle (pampered or effeminate boy or man)

Origins: Literally meaning “bread soaked in milk.” Chaucer was one of the earliest to use milksop to refer to an unmanly man. The modern version of milksop is milquetoast, taken from a timid comic strip character named Caspar Milquetoast.

The spoiled, capricious Prince John definitely had more than a hint of the milksop in him.

With all his talk about love and the way he was cupping Guy's face, we all half-way expected Prince John to kiss the handsome henchman. Well, if any man could convert you to the other team, it would be Sir Guy.

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  1. Liking all these “insults” Angie!! No idea why, but I love it when Richard is the tallest in any group!! There is something about the way he is standing in that last shot. He does look rather regal, does he not?? 😉

    • Glad you are enjoying! The things you can learn online! 😉 He does look regal, more royal than Prince John and certainly more than the two stunt doubles. I can’t say his double looked much like Richard. Well, it would be hard to find a stunt man who was that gorgeous . . . *thud*

  2. When I saw Prince John cupping Guy’s angel face I yelled at my screen « take your hands off his face and don’t try to kiss him, you buffoon ! He’s mine and you don’t deserve it !!!!!!!!!! » “giggles”
    More seriously in the third picture he really has a very angelic face, so pure and innocent.
    Oooooh Guy …..

  3. Angie, “Rare & Amusing Insults” is an amazing column and we want more posts on that.
    Etimologies are interesting and help us enlarging our linguistic views.

    PS: could we consider “Cockaloram” and “Braggadocio” synonyms? Thank you!

    • The people at Merriam-Webster gave me the idea and I liked it. Glad you like it, too! 😀 You know me and words, we like each other.

      I would say Cockaloram and Braggadocio would work together, yes.

  4. I love that last picture! Richard looks so commanding, certainly no milksop! I do love how Toby playing Prince John! Their scenes together were great. But Nadia’s right, get your hand’s off you milksop!!!

  5. Rare and amusing insults are fun!And milksop is a very apt word for PJ! Re the last pic, my first thought was that Richard was trying to make himself look smaller to blend in with the rest of them…(that’s not to say he didn’t look regal – he always does!) 🙂

  6. I don’t think PJ could have kissed him- the show was meant for family viewing, wasn’t it? Man on man action like that would have been out of the question. 🙂

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