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Sweet John Standring for Sunday & a sweet vid with Adele


A big, burly, awkward man with a tender heart and a steadfast one, John Standring, Yorkshire farmhand, has loved Carol, the daughter of his employer, for years. But the object of his affection and devotion only has eyes for Andrew. John’s near-crippling shyness and lack of social skills make it difficult for him to connect with others.

But when he has the opportunity to marry Carol and help her save Sparkhouse Farm, he takes it–even though he knows she isn’t really in love with him. “Never think there are things you can’t tell me,” John, a gentle man with a true heart of gold, says to Carol, who is damaged from years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

Sweetie John–the steadfast, solid, reliable man who settles for second best. It’s hard not to love him and root for him to have a happily ever efter. The role of John Standring was a supporting one, but it was also a major breakthrough for Richard. He said it was the first role he auditioned for in character, and his transformation for this role is amazing. It’s hard to believe this is the same fellow who within a year of Sparkhouse played flirty-girty lothario Lee in Cold Feet.


Richard Armitage: Sweet Child O’ Mine (New Vid!)


I think we agreed the words to this song were in many ways perfect for Mr. A and his characters. I chose to go with Sheryl Crow’s version–a little more mellow, and she sings about a “he” so it works better. Hope you enjoy!

Behind-the Scenes Saturday–Spooks! Lucas (and Ros, too)



Rehearsing the fight scene in the scrapyard in the Dean episode of S7.
Gotta love the headgear on Hermione and Richard in this shot on a Moscow street.

Richard on a break getting a touch-up to his makeup. He once said he wanted them to let his wrinkles show and his hair get mussed on Spooks, but they kept on covering them up and attending to his tresses.

I always think he looks a bit sheepish here, making a promo for the upcoming Spooks 9 DVD and its special features. Sheepish AND gorgeous.

Hermione attending to Richard. God, I missed her and the Ros character!! She and Richard worked so well together. And she did once describe RA as "sublime."

Richard as Lucas on his way to the Bedouin Bar, I believe. I love his stance here. Very dancer-like.

More Behind-the-Scenes Saturday– Strike Back and John Portah!

Strike Back (TV series)

Strike Back (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the interest of equal time for our MI5 and MI6 officers, more peeks behind the scenes, this time on the Strike Back set with RA as the heroic Sgt. John Porter.

                                           I already liked BDUs, but after see RA as John Porter, I really, REALLy like them. Something about a man in uniform . . .


Attending to his makeup--looks like this might have been close to shooting the fight scene in the exercise yard at Chikirubi prison.

Looks like Richard, Andrew and the other lads are doing some rehearsing with their weapons before shooting the opening helicopter sequence.

With Orla Brady as Katie after fleeing captivity . . . John and all his guns (the weapon and those bodacious biceps) battle it out with the remaining terrorists.

He's got a blood-stained T-shirt and a big gun, but RA manages to look so sweet here somehow.

Phrases from the Bard: Marian illustrates “Love is Blind”

Valentine Rescues Silvia in The Two Gentlemen ...

Valentine Rescues Silvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Shylock, painted ...

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, stage actor and manager, as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. Courtesy Wikipedia


Will Shakespeare coined the phrase “Love is blind” and used it in several of his plays, including The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V and The Merchant of Venice.  It can be used in a positive light–love can help overlook the flaw in those we love. But it can also bar us from recognizing serious issues.  Such as the fact your “love interest” is a cockaloram and gloryhog with a bow fixation who lives in the forest with a lot of other smelly men has and will continuously use you to further his own ends and then go into a jealous snit whilst playing Peeping Tom.

Marian preferred Hoodie, aka Forest Boy . . .

Over the tall, dark, toothsome, sexy-as-hell man who adored her and never once compared her to a weapon.

Yep, she could have had HIM . . . Hot Intense Male!

Alas, she rejected this tall, sexy, smouldering black leather-clad Adonis who would have made her his queen . . .

Instead, she chose a medieval boy band reject.. *sigh*

Clearly, Shakespeare had it right. Love is blind sometimes; and sometimes, it is also deaf and dumb.   And lacking in the Good Taste Gene, forsooth!