Behind-the Scenes Saturday–Spooks! Lucas (and Ros, too)



Rehearsing the fight scene in the scrapyard in the Dean episode of S7.
Gotta love the headgear on Hermione and Richard in this shot on a Moscow street.

Richard on a break getting a touch-up to his makeup. He once said he wanted them to let his wrinkles show and his hair get mussed on Spooks, but they kept on covering them up and attending to his tresses.

I always think he looks a bit sheepish here, making a promo for the upcoming Spooks 9 DVD and its special features. Sheepish AND gorgeous.

Hermione attending to Richard. God, I missed her and the Ros character!! She and Richard worked so well together. And she did once describe RA as "sublime."

Richard as Lucas on his way to the Bedouin Bar, I believe. I love his stance here. Very dancer-like.

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  1. Gotta say this, I just LOVE Hermione’s coat on pic#2!Soooo elegant! I wish I had her figure. And her height..She and RIchard do look sublime together! ๐Ÿ™‚ On pic#5 maybe she was brushing a stray eyelash off his cheek? *sigh*

  2. Didn’t he say that when they arrived at Domodedovo Airport he had to be in character as they were only there for one day? Perhaps she was giving him a makeup touch-up before they landed! I too missed Ros. They were fantastic together! I think in the DVD extra she hints that she paid a lot for that hat!! It would be real fur I’m sure, but it really suits her!! I think they were good friends as he said that they really missed her on set in Spooks 9. I wonder what she privately thought of what they did to his character in that series!!

  3. I loved Ross too. And really, Sarah and Lucas when it could have so easily been Ross and Lucas. They could have run off together is S9. It would have been worth watching S9 then.

    I would have loved to touch up his face, you know, just to help him get into character. I would have kept it real professional. NOT.

  4. Great picture of Hermione and Richard! I’ve not seen that one before. Oh the possibilities that those two characters had! Those writers must have been taking something during Series 8 and 9. I think I agree with Hermione, everything about Richard IS sublime:)

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  6. Love the “off duty” photos of Mr. A. More natural than photo ops. That silly cap in Moscow! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ros was preaching to the converted about “sublime”.

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