More Behind-the-Scenes Saturday– Strike Back and John Portah!

Strike Back (TV series)

Strike Back (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the interest of equal time for our MI5 and MI6 officers, more peeks behind the scenes, this time on the Strike Back set with RA as the heroic Sgt. John Porter.

                                           I already liked BDUs, but after see RA as John Porter, I really, REALLy like them. Something about a man in uniform . . .


Attending to his makeup--looks like this might have been close to shooting the fight scene in the exercise yard at Chikirubi prison.

Looks like Richard, Andrew and the other lads are doing some rehearsing with their weapons before shooting the opening helicopter sequence.

With Orla Brady as Katie after fleeing captivity . . . John and all his guns (the weapon and those bodacious biceps) battle it out with the remaining terrorists.

He's got a blood-stained T-shirt and a big gun, but RA manages to look so sweet here somehow.

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  1. I love JP! I really wish they hadn’t murdered him! He had so much more to do! And those biceps!!! My friend said, “They’re not big!” I said, “No, not like a weight-lifter, but they’re perfect to me!” They make me want to swoon so JP can put those long arm’s around me!!! LOL!

    • Remember, Laurie,

      JP is SND now having joined the ranks of Guy and Lucas. Actually, I don’t like the body builder look with no neck and those massive muscles. Not attractive to me, and never has been.
      I thought RA got the look just right for JP, even though I know he said his body didn’t look nearly “hard” enough. Looked just fine to me. . . ghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Sorry, I should have said. Battle Dress Uniform. When Benny was in the Air Force, he had several different uniforms depending on what he was doing at the time. When he was flying with the Looking Glass planes, he wore his green bag aka flight suit (Love a tall, lean man in a flight suit); solid blue shirt and pants with a neckerchief with the squadron logo when he was going down in the silos as a missile launch officer and his light blue shirt and navy pants with appropriate insignia for office duty. But some days they got to wear their BDUs instead, which were more comfy (kind of like having Casual Friday). 😉 He’s got all kinds of nifty fire-resistant jackets and flightsuits, etc. Sorry, too much info but as you can see, I really DO like a man in uniform.

  2. I’ve just finished watching SB e4 on the TV, not a dvd as is usually the case for me. Of course there’s no fast forwarding in this instance, but I was surprised at how the episode as a whole maintained my interest. As usual, Porter’s shirtless scenes had me drooling…his body is beautiful in this show. G*d I love Porter…sexy, brave, strong yet tender. *sigh*

      • Of course it is Judit, but I had the stripped-to-the-waist, hole-digging scene in my mind when I commented! 😉
        There’s something extra mouth-watering about Porter’s body…strong and muscled, not from gym work but, as Richard has said, from training to look like a soldier who carries weaponry. I don’t like the muscle-bound look. Porter’s body is just perfect. Lucas had that body in S9 as well.

    • Porter is just gorgeous. Hard-as-nails when it’s needed, and yet gentle and tender when that is needed, too.And sooooo sexy. I was looking at that cap of him embracing Alex after he gets back home and I was struck once again by how sweet and genuine the expression is on his face. You believe he is this girl’s daddy, holding his treasured daughter in his arms.

  3. Great behind the scenes picturs! Yes he looks really sweet and relaxed on photo #6 and OMG look at those legs on pic #5, how long are they? *sigh* Lucky make-up lady..what a job.. one I’d love to have, though I’d have to stand on a stepladder to reach his face!:) I’m one of those who could be an extra in The Hobbit! 🙂

  4. That should read “pictures” !!! Btw, it’s interesting, I get recommendations from Amazon UK regularly which are obviously based on my previous orders. 🙂 Some weeks ago they had a sale of some sort and they recommended Strike Back + SB “Project Dawn” DVDs, then SB Project Dawn on its own, but the real SB on its own was not included in the offer.. I found it annoying as I have no wish to purchase Project Dawn at all! I hope they do sell the real SB DVD on its own, I have yet to check that. It makes me wonder what the viewing figures were like for Project Dawn.

    • The only SB DVD I have been able to locate is a Region 2 one from Amazon UK If they don’t come out with a region 1 version I might be tempted!! At least I can watch it on my computer. Thankfully all six parts can still be found on YT so I can still get my Porter “fix”!! I think that It is one of Richard’s best roles! Such a wonderful combination of tough soldier and a loving, tender Dad and heroic rescuer!

  5. I love his hairstyle in Strike Back and I am glad he doesn’t wear a high and tight military haircut or a “boule à zéro” like in French Foreign Legion !

    • I do not care for crewcuts or the haircut some of our Marines wear-bristly on top and shaved on the sides and back. Thankfully when Benny was in the military he just had to keep it Porter-length. My husband has such pretty hair I have told him it would be a shame to cut it all off–leave that to the guys who are going bald. 😉

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