Phrases from the Bard: Marian illustrates “Love is Blind”

Valentine Rescues Silvia in The Two Gentlemen ...

Valentine Rescues Silvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Shylock, painted ...

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, stage actor and manager, as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. Courtesy Wikipedia


Will Shakespeare coined the phrase “Love is blind” and used it in several of his plays, including The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V and The Merchant of Venice.  It can be used in a positive light–love can help overlook the flaw in those we love. But it can also bar us from recognizing serious issues.  Such as the fact your “love interest” is a cockaloram and gloryhog with a bow fixation who lives in the forest with a lot of other smelly men has and will continuously use you to further his own ends and then go into a jealous snit whilst playing Peeping Tom.

Marian preferred Hoodie, aka Forest Boy . . .

Over the tall, dark, toothsome, sexy-as-hell man who adored her and never once compared her to a weapon.

Yep, she could have had HIM . . . Hot Intense Male!

Alas, she rejected this tall, sexy, smouldering black leather-clad Adonis who would have made her his queen . . .

Instead, she chose a medieval boy band reject.. *sigh*

Clearly, Shakespeare had it right. Love is blind sometimes; and sometimes, it is also deaf and dumb.   And lacking in the Good Taste Gene, forsooth!

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  1. Lucy must have iron will or a supreme sense of professionalism. Had it been me in that last Guy/Marian photo, I don’t think I could have resisted with those lips so close!

    • I think she shows real dedication and professionalism . . . and considerable self-restraint. Actually, she kind of looks like she’s in pain when she’s kissing Blobbin. Can we blame her??

  2. Every time I see this I feel like yelling at Marian to stop resisting and give him a chance. If only she’d allowed him to kiss her, I’m sure desire would have taken over. I reckon Guy would be a great kisser! *drool*

    BTW That’s a great tush shot in the last G/M pic. Those trousers looked like they were made out of some sort of ribbed, stretchy fabric, which moulded his form very nicely. *sigh* We may not have got a kiss, but we do get a nice view of Guy in this scene. 😉

    • I know. She just wouldn’t relax and enjoy the experience . . . the fact Lucy could make herself look so resistant to the whole idea indicates her talent, as she clearly liked Richard and enjoyed working with him. I have always thought if Forest Boy hadn’t been there the night she went to see Guy at the manor–well, you could tell the sight of a half-naked Guy was definitely stirring her. And touching his bare flesh in the firelight . . . oh, the possibilities.

      And yes, Guy’s trousers do showcase his sttributes so very well. *sigh*

      • Lucy is great. She looks positively repulsed when Guy puts his arm around her and tries to pull her towards him for a kiss… Kudos to her for a fantastic acting performance! 🙂 But for us viewers, it would have been nice to have just one or two scenes where her womanly desires overcome her doubts…just a couple of real kisses..they would have set the whole of Hungary on fire not just the forest and studio in which they filmed. 🙂

        • She did looked disgusted, didn’t she? Again, I think she wouldn’t have minded one or two scenes where the kiss is welcome and reciprocated . . . and we certainly wouldn’t have minded it.

  3. Oh my Lord in the last picture let’s hope it’s not a French kiss !
    Oh yeah Marian you’ll never taste the kiss of the ardent passionate sexy Knight and we guess he is a good kisser and lover !
    Anyway I don’t like to suffer and always click in high speed motion when the boy band is on the screen.

    • KIssing Robin with tongues—eeewwwwwww. I think Marian really missed sailing on the yacht by choosing the rowboat. Yeah, I am guilty of fast-forwarding when the Legende is on the screen. 😉

  4. Talk about “Love is Blind”!!! Marian most definitely had that disease! I don’t know how anybody could resist that smolder, and that butt! Oh and wait, those eyes, that hair, those chesticles…. She was seriously Blind!!!

      • The first few times I watched that scene I didn’t have the volume up high enough so missed the second part of that whole line; “Marian . . . be with me!!” *Swoon* I heard it at the beginning of a Guy/Marian video some time ago but can’t remember which one that was now – darn it!!

        BTW – in the picture that Mezz gave us the link to, what IS that bit of white stuff that is clinging to the upper back of that splendid right thigh – not that I was focusing on that particular area, you understand!! 😉 You’d think someone would have noticed and removed it!!

        • I saw that too Teuchter, and thought it was white fluff or something, but on closer inspection…yes, very necessary 😉 …I think it’s light reflecting off the leather patch of the inner left thigh. *goes off to have another look*

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