Mr. Armitage has won an well-deserved award . . .

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was announced today by the International Callipygian Society that British actor Richard Crispin Armitage, currently in New Zealand filming the role of Thorin for Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films, has been named Callipygian Male Extraordinaire. Throngs of females (and a not insignificant number of males) are expected to celebrate this event by staging marathons of fanvids and show clips from the actor’s well-rounded roles. “We don’t call the man ‘Sweet Cheeks’ for nothing,” said one rabid fan.  Another commented,  “We love how Richard always fleshes out his characters so booti-fully.”

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          • At least she didn’t get to see the “family jewels”- apparently actors wear a “modesty patch” on their privates for the nude scenes. The things you find out from listening to audio commentaries… (I just watched Sex Lies and Videotape with Steven Soderbergh’s commentary)

            • I’m pondering several ideas on this topic! First, exactly what size would Richard’s “modesty patch” need to be. Next, how does said patch stay on those impressive privates. Just picturing this “patch” and how in would look. Seems to me it would be pretty sexy!! Then, how exactly modest would it be with that patch grinding away on that nasty cow’s privates. I don’t think that there is any modesty involved in this whole thing!

              Ohhhh, I’m seriously jealous here!!!!

              • These are excellent questions on the modesty patch. I need to do some research on this because I honestly thought it would all be exposed. But of course, it is so intimate that you wonder how they not get aroused if there is skin on skin friction and they are in character doing their thing. Surely there must be a technical component to it. Right? Right? Otherwise i am really going to hate on JG!

              • And then there are the non-porn films where actors actually do engage in sex acts. There was one–Brown Bunny?–from a few years ago where Chloe Sevigny actually performed oral on her then-boyfriend on camera. The original screening of the film was disastrous, but after Gallo cut nearly a half hour, it got some decent reviews.

                And Kerry Fox is briefly seen doing the same thing to Mark Rylance in the film Intimacy about a loveless sexual relationship between a married woman and barman–they don’t know each other’s names, they don’t really talk. It really is just sex. Fox said in an interview that she and Rylance talked a lot about it in advance and agreed to be honest, open and kind to each other. It’s a good film but a disturbing one.

              • Erm–judging by his appearance in those budgie smugglers in Cold Feet and in Sir Guy’s leathers and in Lucas’s jeans and . . . well, you know, pretty much everything–RA would need a rather large modesty patch. Perhaps they use some sort of spirit gum as actors used to do to keep on false beards and mustaches? Ewww, imagine if you had an allergic reaction as I did to some tape used on my knee during PT down THERE. *cringing* I am sensing no love here for JG as Alona. Irritating character who got to touch a naked Richard Armitage. SOOOOOO unfair. 😉

              • Oh dear me and how is this patch fixed???? This must be tweaking (is this the right word?) Ok, back to why we are here today…now I’m concentrating on his luscious Callipygian curves….sigh….

              • The only thing is, as I mentioned before, is someone with sensitive can be allergic to certain adhesives. I used paper tape during part of the six months of PT before I had my knee surgery, and I reacted to it. I had a bright red rash and it itched like the devil. I wouldn’t want that to happen to sweet Richard!! 😦

              • Especially not there! I had read your comment about allergic reactions to tape, but had read that that’s what is used and jumped right in! There are also references to a “sock” for men, so maybe any sort of adhesive is unnecessary. It doesn’t matter what is used though, anything visible on film can be edited out!

              • Yeah, I have heard of the modesty sock for the fellows. 😉 I just remember how painful that was when I had the breakout from the tape. We switched to a different tape, but it didn’t work anyway. They were trying to shift my kneecap back into place via exercise and other means, but I still ended up with a three-inch incision inside my knee. And yeah, between editing and use of F/X they can “fix” certain things.

            • Judit, I think it was you who mentioned having seen Satisfaction, the Australian series that was centred around a brothel. On one of the dvd extras, they explained how the sex scenes were filmed. It was very interesting. The scenes are choreographed and clinical, and the actors walked through them several times dressed or in a robe before the cameras rolled.

              • And think about the fact there are all the crew members, the lights and cameras and you have to think about where you are putting what body part and trying to make it look unrehearsed. It can’t be easy. I know even kisses have to be planned out in order for them to look “right” on the screen. The fact Richard makes it look so real and believable . . . another testament to his acting skill.

              • @Mezz: Yes, I used to watch Satisfaction on TV. I read an interview with Keeley Hawes a while ago in which she said there is nothing even remotely sexy about filming sex scenes due to all the crew members standing about so I guess it’s not that hard for the male actors to stay erm..unstirred “downstairs”. Re the sock on privates now how does THAT stay on? Must be secured in some way or other. Mr. Soderbergh didn’t give any details as to how the modesty patch (he used another word for it but I can’t recall what- something French!) would stay in place. Guess they’d just have to use hypoallergenic tape?

              • Oh, what the hell, I googled modesty patch in images! It looks like a pouch that can be tied on.

              • Oh ladies, I have been thinking about this modesty patch all night! Just the thought certainly stirs the senses! I think RA would look very sexy in a lumpy patch! All I would be thinking about is opening the package!! It would be just like Christmas!

              • I’ve been thinking, I’m awfully glad that RA doesn’t read the blogs dedicated to him.. Can you imagine what he’d be thinking reading these comments? A bunch of slightly obsessed females discussing the size of…modesty patch?

  1. I should NOT have gone to my email inbox before I left for church this a.m. as this is what I found!! I had to seriously bring my mind to heel so that these Callipygian images weren’t the focus of my thoughts!! 🙂 Not easy to do I tell ya! Of course I’m home now so it’s a whole nother story!!! 😉

    • I rewatched some BTS scenes yesterday. Purely for research purposes mind you, as I wanted to check if everybody remembered the white sock correctly (yes) and to verify Angie’s statement about JG’s weird looking nipples (yes, they are seriously weird looking!).. In the meantime, I couldn’t help but have another look (wasn’t ogling, it was just a fleeting look, I swear!) at said tush and… Without a doubt the best looking backside ever…This award is a lifetime award, I suppose? Must be!

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