Sunday Behind the Scenes with Richard: Sir Guy of Robin Hood


Richard in a S2 DVD extra interview. The leather pants straining over the thighs. The bare arms. The great eye makeup job. Our medieval rock god.



Richard and His Ridiculously Attractive Hands. I love how he talks with them, don't you?



A shot with the tracking dolly from the seige on Nottingham Castle from S3 extras.



Love to see Richard laughing--especially in his Guy guise.



Told ya I loved those hands. And everything here.



An intellligent, thoughtful, interesting and talented actor. And a glorious-looking one.






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  1. His sleeveless shirt emphasizes perfectly his wonderful broad shoulders and I fantasize about those leather-clad muscular thighs *sighs*
    Guy is sooooooo luscious !

  2. I never tire of looking at those archery shots either Angie! Love them to bits. Oh yes, his hands…most gorgeous pair of hands in this galaxy…His smile on pic #5 is heart-meltingly lovely.

    • One of the best behind the scenes ever. The camera is on JA, and I cannot take my eyes the background and Richard and his banana.

    • LOL! Yeah, Jonas and that damned bow. How could I resist lampooning it in DTK? Love images of Richard eating as himself or in character. He says he likes food a lot and it shows in the gusto with which he eats. 😉

    • I’m mesmerized by Richard in the background in those behind-the-scenes shots too, expecially the one with the banana! Jonas who?

  3. These pictures are divine (especially the first one) lol. As you know Angie Guy S3 is my favourite, so I haven’t watched my S1 DVDs for ages but it’s having a re-run on British TV so I have had to watch. Guy didn’t get much screen time in Episode1but even when he is not speaking you can feel his presence I really like the scene were the sheriff has organized a gathering for Robin after his return for the Holy Land the dialogue is between the sheriff & Robin but the expressions on Guy’s face are priceless. All the smirking & brooding what an actor and what a gorgeous, beautiful and sexy man.

    • Oh, yes, Guy is always worth watching even in the background–and not just because he is absolutely gorgeous. His facial expressions and body language speak volumes even when he doesn’t have any dialogue. Some actors seem to fall out of character when the camera isn’t focused on them but not Richard.

    • I am currently reading the second entry in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by EL James and everytime the heroine refers to Christian Grey’s long, beautiful, nimble fingers, I think of Richard. *sigh* (and as a writer and reader of erotic romance, I have to say, James can write some seriously hot stuff–but more on the trilogy later as it brings up lots more to talk about than just the steamy passages)

      • I’ll be interested as to what you have to say about it. I read the first two this week, and think I probably will not go on to number 3 (I might for $3.99 but not for $9.99). But the whole question of what this might mean for fanfic authors is a fascinating one.

        • I have many, many thoughts whirling in my head about it right now, Servetus–including a lot of issues about privacy and ethics and the perception of pain– and I have to get said thoughts organized. I also want to at least finish this second volume. I really shouldn’t have splurged on all three, considering my meager unemployment benefits, but I justified it mentally as good research as a fanfic author seeking to break into mainstream fic. 😉

          It’s already been reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, and this week’s cover for print subscribers is “Fifty Shades of Grey Exposed” with an extensive interview with James (“Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”) inside. Apparently she has signed a deal for movie rights for a cool $5 million (although that would be a mere drop in the bucket for Christian, wouldn’t it? 😉 )

          • Yeah, I linked to the Guardian article about the $5 million last week. She also kept control over casting, I think. I bought it for the same reason as you did. I’ll wait to hear what you think. Did EW like it?

            • She has both script and casting approval in place. EW gave it–either an A- or B+, I can’t recall now, but a largely positive review from Lisa Schwarzbaum, who also conducted this interview with James. Knowing it started out as Twilight fanfic, I found I could not envision Robert Pattinson as Christian. Possibly in part because I just do not find him sexy. *shrugs shoulders” I do get tired of the “Holy craps” and “holy cows,” I have to confess.LOL

              BTW Apparently Kristen Stewart was talking to someone about the books, and said, “Hell, yeah, I am going to read them!” 😉

              • I didn’t know or had forgotten it started out as a Twilight fic, but that explains something about my reaction to it, which was almost exactly the same as my reaction to Twilight. Read first one, and thought, meh, but there was a terrible cliffhanger. So, read second one, and thought, ok, I will finish this, but nothing in this story really makes me think that it’s going to get any better. Agree that the sex is hot. Will wait for your post, as I have more I’d like to discuss.

              • I didn’t know initially it started out as a Twlight fanfic either. I am not a Twilight fan, either (I’ve never read the books. I have watched the movies on satellite just to try and see what the fascination is, and while I didn’t think the films were awful, I just didn’t see what all the fuss is about, either). After that cliffhanger at the end of volume 1, I, too, had to read the second one. But I don’t know, I am not as “into” it. We’ll see about the third entry.

                Apparently, some members of the Twilight fandom are miffed because Snowqueen Icedragon’s free online fic is something they now have to pay for. She says she never expected the story to be that popular and “it is what it is.”

                James says the new paperbacks will have some tweaks including some new copy editing, which I think would be beneficial.

              • Amen. And some Americanizing. Why you would set a story in Seattle if you had no clue about American idiom is beyond me. (shrugs).

              • Good point!! Maybe she thought in the beginning, “It’s just fanfic, does it really matter if they speak like Americans or Brits?” But when she decided to publish it, you would think??? . . . well, I have to say I have paid for some Kindle editions that were horribly edited (possibly not edited at all) and even though I liked the characters and the premises, I almost didn’t finish the books because all the errors bugged me. 😦 I can’t help it — part of my job at the newspaper was to assist in copy editing.

                Re US vs. British English, that’s the reason that I was thrilled when Millyme offered to beta Truce for me after she started reading it. Even though I have a fairly good grasp of British slang, spelling, phrasing, etc. it was invaluable to have a native Englishwoman assist me. I know it turned out to be a better-written story than otherwise.

              • This discussion is interesting thanks angie and servetus, as I have been tossing up whether or not to buy 50SoG. Some of the reviews on Amazon were not very encouraging to say the least. I enjoy an erotic romance, but if the characters or plot aren’t developed sufficiently it loses me very quickly. I won’t continue reading just for the sake of hot sex scenes.
                I had read where it started out as a Twilight fanfic. Rob Pattinson as a sexy millionaire? Doesn’t do it for me either. Maybe a TDHBEW? 😉 What I found interesting on reading about it is how the book has taken off, without a publishing house or publicity behind it. Basically word of mouth really. Look forward to hearing your views on it in the future. I think I’ll hold off buying it for a while!

              • Yeah, it has inspired controversy amongst readers–some love it, some hate it, some are undecided. Kind of like Twilight in that regard. 😉 Oh, Richard would be able to pull off playing such a role, although in the story Christian is only 27. RA has the beauty, charisma and ability to (pardon the pun) capture all the shades of grey in this sometimes unlikeable character. Not saying RA should, just saying he could.

                Apparently the author is hoping “beautiful unknowns” will be cast in the roles, BTW.

                It has become quite the phenomemon in the publishing world, that is for sure, and that is the big reason I wanted to check it out.

              • The article in the Guardian said, and I agree, that the only way to make a profit off material like this will be to film it very, very cheaply, which would imply beautiful unknowns. Could Armitage play Christian Grey? Yes, agree with you that he *could* play anything, but if they film this the way it’s written it will be heavily pornographic — and I can’t imagine he’d be interested. Think of how much tea his mother would have to make.

              • We wouldn’t want Margaret Armitage to suffer from a tea overdose, now, would we? 😉

                He would either have to do the full monty or use a heck of a lot of doubles to play the role as written by James, and I don’t think he’d want to do that, either. And really, who could double for that distinctive physique??

                Yeah, I thought the same thing about the budget–keep the costs down–wouldn’t need much in the way of special effects and hire attractive unknowns as the leads. The vanilla sex is one thing to film, but some of the other stuff—I have to say the belt scene was very, very difficult to read for me. I wanted to scream at Christian to stop, please, please stop. 😦

              • It seems to be that whatever I’m reading, and however he’s described, the main male character/hero looks like Richard in my head. Uthred was a given obviously, but now Lord Derfel in the Arthur trilogy looks like him too! I enjoyed Prue Batten’s Book of Pawns, and that was very easy to read imagining Guy/Richard as Will.

              • I think that happens to a lot of us, Mezz. In the Grey books, the leading male character has distinctive grey eye and coppery-colored hair that he constantly ruffles, but he is also tall, lithe, graceful, has those great hands and apparently, attractive feet. And he’s beautiful. 😉

              • It would be hard for me to imagine Armitage in the role of Christian Grey just because I don’t think he’s ever done anything that involves quite that level of crazy. In fact, one of the things I found most unbelievable about the two books I read was the extreme personality shifts in the character of Grey.

              • I guess the closest thing would be John Bateman in terms of “crazy.” You really never do know how Grey is going to act/react, do you? So capricious and mercurial. It makes you wonder how he could manage all his business affairs and become so wealthy when he seemed bat sh*t crazy at times. Compartmentalizing his life??
                I am wondering if the scriptwriters (and it won’t be her) might tone the character down, make him a little more–nuanced. Otherwise, he runs the risk of becoming (in a lesser actor’s hands) a really unpleasant jerk and you’ll be wondering why nice Ana ever got mixed up with him, in spite of his good looks.

              • Is saying that the film would be heavily pornographic based on the book mean there isn’t much plot? 😉
                In that case, I wouldn’t want to see RA in something like that, and I don’t think he would be interested either!
                I haven’t seen MF’s Shame(I’ll wait for the dvd). Pornography or arthouse?

              • The plot is also rather farfetched, but there is a plot. It probably could be done in an artistic way, but I don’t see how they could film the scene that Angie is referring to artistically. Honestly, that kind of thing, IMO, is probably best left to prose. You can imagine that it’s erotic in that medium — but most people who saw it on screen would be horrified.

              • Yes, there definitely is a plot, if not an always believable one. Sort of like a hybrid of Pretty Woman-Indecent Proposal-Fatal Attraction with lots of sex, kinky and vanilla. On screen that particular scene would be so harrowing, I think. I tried to visualize it as I usually do when I read/write and really, I found it painful.

              • Hmmm, it’s sounding more and more like something I’m not interested in reading!

              • yeah, I didn’t find all of the different pieces of Christian Grey fit together at all: captain of industry, domineering lover, all the weird pieces of his relationship with his parents and Mrs. Lincoln, and yet anxious about Ana’s love. This is all supposed to be explicable because of his childhood experiences, but I didn’t buy it.

                Maybe she’ll discover in book III that he’s a vampire. That could explain it. It’s the deux ex machina explanation for everything implausible these days.

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