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Thornton for Tuesday: Mercurial mill owner, the steadfast good son, romantic hero


A broken-hearted John Thornton breaks our hearts, too.

A horried Thornton after the rock strikes Margaret, anxious to know how badly she is hurt.

One of those sweet, sweet smiles . . .

A glimpse of the overbearing master's tender side in his conversation with this little boy.

Enjoying a meal with his workers. Nice display of crinkles here.

John, at long last, with the woman he loves beside him, to share a most memorable kiss.

The hope shining in his eyes. "You are coming home with me?"

Armitage Alley-Oop: TAE Word for the Day


Oh-la-la, mes amies!  This week we focus on some French words that have become Anglicised. The French, of course, would suggest we’ve gone and corrupted those words. It’s all in the perspective . . .  😉  And of course, we shall tie it in with Mr. A.

Yeah, my Creator once worked for a circus in Budapest. Next question??

Remember Doctor Who as played by David Tennant saying, “Allons-y?” (let’s go!)  *blogger’s note: I love David Tennant. But not as much as I love Richard Armitage*

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, today’s word started out using “allez,” the imperative form of the French verb “aller” (to go) + hop/oop (an expressive word). Allez-hop or allez-oop is the cry of a circus performer about to leap and dates back to the early 1920s.

Give it a phonetic respelling and hey, presto! You have the word alley-oop.

Alley-oop: (interjection) Used as an exhortation or to signal the start of an activity.

Noun: A basketball move in which one player throws the ball to a player closer to the basket who catches it in mid-air and then puts it in the basket before hitting the floor. 


Alley-oop (Photo credit: Antonio Rull)


 To the best of my knowledge, Richard does not play basketball, although with his height and athleticism, he’s probably be pretty good at it.

Of course, Richard did spend six weeks working with a Budapest circus at 17 to earn that all-important Equity card (as if you didn’t know)–do you suppose any of the acrobats or other circus performances he assisted cried “Alley-oop?”  Of course, he also spent time with those elephants, bless his heart . . . the things a determined young man will do to get his performing arts career underway!

Oh, brother, the circus. Again. Fedoralady, fedoralady . . . what AM I going to do with you?

The answer to that, of course, is “Anything you want, Richard, my dear.”

In case you haven’t noticed . . . John Porter is sexy.


That air of concentration as he studies the gems. That beautiful hand.


Hmmmm. Water. Muscles. Chesticles. I know that spray had to sting, but--oh my goodness.





He's just beautiful here, with the sheen of perspiration on his skin, the small cuts you want to kiss to take the pain away; a certain defiance and determination in the set of his mouth and there's that look in his eyes. This man could be very, very dangerous.




*guh* That is all.




Bound. Shirtless and sweaty. And those muscles . . . yeah, this scene was for all his female fans.


Who knew scarves could be so sexy?


Well, they certainly are when you wrap them around John Porter’s swan-like neck or handsome head, allowing us to see only those piercing eyes . . .


He rocks the shades, too. Love the air of mystery . . . and potential menace.










Ah. Porter with his peridot eyes . . . looking splendid in desert khaki and green.



Random Acts of Richarding for Monday


An elegant gentleman, isn't he? I can imagine him siting in a wingback chair by a fire in a library . . . a book in his hand . . . a glass of wine beside him on a table.

I love it when you get your fierce on, Mr. "World's Tallest Dwarf."

Boyish Armitage in blue. He's quite a chameleon with his appearance and his acting, isn't he?

Would this be considered hand porn AND food porn?