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We told them, didn’t we? Armitage to be “break-out star”



Our darling Laurie shared this new article¬† linked above with us in one of her comments on a previous post. As I said in my response, my poor tummy has been doing flip-flops ever since, and I don’t think it’s the spastic colon this time! ūüėČ

I felt like doing this. How about you?

Od course, we have known for quite a while that Richard Armitage was a star–with a boatload of talent, an amazingly¬†expressive face and seductive¬†deep chocolate voice,¬†leading-man good looks, Adonis-like physique,¬†charisma to spare and sex appeal oozing out of every beautiful pore of his luscious fair English flesh. We’ve been waiting for the rest of the world to discover what a fantastic fellow he is. And now he’s on the brink of international stardom. And really, truly, could it possibly happen to a sweeter, more deserving gentleman? I think not.

"Jumping for Joy" by Laurie Parker. This could be us, ladies, RA's devoted fangurlz, on cloud nine and jumpin' for joy!!

Richard, I wonder–are you starting to feel it, too? Feel a little overwhelmed by the knowledge you are certainly going to be a much better known actor after The Hobbit?¬† Knowing you, you are probably worried about doing the character of Thorin justice. From what I have seen thus far–you have nothing to fear. All your experience, all your hard work, all the blood, sweat and tears you have shed to build your career are coming together with your finely-honed talent to produce the Next Big Thing, the breakout star.

Perhaps that is part of the reason you’ve continued to lay low whilst you can; to enjoy relative anonymity for now. To get your head wrapped around it all. It is a lot to take in.

You have said you wanted to do what it takes to raise your profile and give you a chance to do more interesting roles.¬† Oh, my dear RA–your profile will be off the charts.

So in celebration of this article and of you, dear Richard, let’s take a Magic Carpet Ride and get Star Struck.

I beg to differ.


Us published a photo online of Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame having fun in the sun in Malibu. Beneath it they asked the question:

  Is there anything as sexy as a half-naked Robert Pattinson?

To which I can only respond with a resounding YESSSSSS!!!!!  Please see evidence below.

I could provide many, many, many more examples . . . but I think I’ve proven my point. Sorry, RPatz, I know legions of Twihards love you, but¬† “Cute Boy” versus “Gorgeous Man” . . .¬†¬†there’s no contest.

Armitage & the Animal Kingdom


Paul's puppy dog eyes . . .

And of course, dear Sir Guy’s big, pleading puppy dog eyes

Sweethearts . . . of a feline kind . . .

. . . and of the human kind! Purrrr-fect.

Mr. Armitage has big feet . . .

And so do I! Pretty sexy, yeah?