Need a Tuesday Mood Boost? I’ve got just the thing . . .


Feelin' grumpy??

If your Tuesday is not going so terrifically, don’t despair. Just take a generous dose of the man below at regular intervals.


Richard Armitage: good for what ails you.



Why not rock out while Richarding?? Turn it up, baby!!

Bliss out with the help of the sexiest man in the universe . . . people will wonder what you've been up to.


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  1. Angie your videos are making me cross eyed because I’m watching my nose glued to the screen.
    Thank you for my daily fix but I confess I find it hard not to exceed Mister Beautiful stated doses !

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you….I really needed these kittykat pics!

    I’m not usually a great lover of photos of animals but these are sublime. I’m LMAO with tears in my eyes and am practically rolling on the floor!

    Now I’ll go look at the pic of Richard and then watch the vids – I’m sure they’ll be worth the wait for my tears of laughter to dry up!

    • The Lolcats and I can has cheezburger sites have wonderful feline pics. The captions always crack me up. I have dressed my own cats up in the past for Christmas–little reindeer antlers, Santa caps, or a bright red bow, and they didn’t look quite as miserable as that persian with the bunny on its head, but–almost. I only did it long enough for the photo op. 😉 I just wanted a light-hearted post that would make you all smile. 😀 I am going back in my video vaults and pulling some out. I sat here tonight and played Dreamer, Too Good to Be True and Thorin: King Under the Hair for my own amusement. 😉

  3. I’m listening to “Parent Hood” and looking at these glorious (and funny) pictures, this is my idea of heaven! 🙂

  4. Definitely needed a boost in a day that started off with gale-force winds and pounding rain!! 😦 They’ve both eased off a bit and the skies are a little bit brighter but where is the sun and cloud mix that had been forecast? With many of the Japanese flowering cherry trees in bloom there won’t be a blossom left if this weather keeps up. After having a high of 13 degrees yesterday it only got to around 5 today so quite a drop. (These are celsius temperatures as you might have guessed!!) So thank you Angie!! I got to laugh, swoon, laugh, smile and swoon several times more when I watched those videos!! How could anyone be down with all that going on!! 😀

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