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Richard in Kiwiland: Hope you’re having fun. We miss you, dearest!


Our lovely lad from Leicestershire just before making his little speech at the Powhiri welcoming ceremony. He looks so excited . . . and his nostrils are flaring just a bit. *sigh*'

Dear Richard,

I know you are having a fabulous time on the other side of the world in New Zealand. You’ve traveled quite a lot to shoot your various projects–Budapest, South Africa, Moscow, and various locations around the U.K., to name some of your destinations–but there’s been nothing like your experience across NZ as you shoot a major role in two huge films virtually guaranteed to be hits. No pressure on you, right? 😉

Seriously, Richard I have absolutely no doubt you are going to be incredible as Thorin and I totally believe the buzz about you, Richard Armitage, being the biggest break-out star from the films. I know you are a level-headed guy and you keep that head endearingly unswelled–but deep inside, do you feel a real sense of excitement and anticipation over all the possibilities that lie before you for your career, for your life? Do you have to pinch yourself on occasion to make sure it’s not all a lovely dream?

It's not just a dream, Richard. After all those years of hard work and struggle, it's happening for you.

My hope is that lots of interesting and varied projects come your way in the wake of this iconic role–a character you have loved since childhood–roles that will offer plenty of challenge and satisfaction to help you stretch yourself as an actor and to enjoy the journey as you do so. Happiness–that is what I wish for you, happiness in all facets of your life.  You’re more than a fine actor, you are a very special human being, and the admiration and affection you inspire in us makes us want the world for you.

Relief map of New Zealand

Relief map of New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was quite tickled to see you taking photos in that last videoblog. I am glad you are getting some time to play tourist amidst all that hard work. There is certainly plenty of scenic locales and breathtaking natural beauty to stop and appreciate. The Kiwis seem most friendly and hospitable and  I am sure you are storing many amazing memories that will last a lifetimes.

I know it’s probably an exhausting shooting schedule but I hope when you fall into bed each night it is with the satisfaction of a job well done– a job you love to do. I imagine a tired but happy smile stretching across that lovely face as you close your eyes . . .

God bless you, Richard, and I hope you enjoy what I assume will be an Easter break.  Take care.

With love,

Your ardent admirer,


PS We really wouldn’t object if you appear in the next videoblog and even say a few words. In your nice, deep, authoritative Thorin voice if you like. Just a thought.

I want Guycandy, how about you??


Is it bad of me to say I want to run my tongue over Guy's stubble? Yeah, I thought so.

I love this shot of Guy with Marian. The three-quarter view of his face showcases that exquisite bone structure; his smile, a bit teasing, matched by the expession in his eyes . . . oh, how could she resist him in moments like that?

I gotta agree. The man is scorchin' HOT.

Another three-quarter view. My, isn't he lovely

Well, it has been a few days. Lots of agastopia going on here on my part, I have to say.

This southern girl would love to do this in London . . .

Millbank Tower with Lambeth Bridge, London The...

Millbank Tower with Lambeth Bridge, London The floodlit Millbank Tower with Lambeth Bridge taken from the South Bank at night. The orange sky is a reflection of the sodium lamps widely in use at the time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

http://www.londontopia.net This came into my inbox today . . . from Londontopia.  I would enjoy the view, the music and the soul food!

For a limited time visitors can experience the ultimate view over London’s most iconic landmarks – with a gospel brunch to lift the spirits every Sunday. Altitude 360º’s indoor viewing gallery on the 29th floor of London’s iconic Millbank Tower proved such a hit when it briefly opened two years ago that the owners have decided to reopen for a limited period.

Located in the heart of Westminster, adjacent to The Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, the 118 metre-high Millbank Tower is one of the capital’s tallest buildings. The prime position of London’s newest attraction at the top of this skyscraper will afford visitors unrivalled panoramic views of London’s most iconic landmarks every weekend from Easter until the end of the summer.

Tickets for the Altitude 360º viewing gallery are priced at £10 for adults, £5 for children (5 to 12 years) and children under 5 are free. Peter Kerwood, Altitude London’s Marketing Director commented: “We are very excited about reopening our Empire State Building-style viewing gallery to the general public. It really will offer a completely different way for visitors to view our amazing capital this summer.”

As well as taking you to heady heights, Altitude is offering to lift your soul, with a new Sunday Gospel Brunch held in the River Room, a contemporary venue which boasts panoramic views of the River Thames. Described as “Sister Act with soul food”, the Gospel Brunch is a New York institution, brought to London exclusively by Altitude. Brunch guests are sung to by the world renowned London Gospel Choir.

Pioneered by the Godfather of British Gospel, Bazil Meade, the choir is known for its funky gospel flair, swing-beat, R’n’B, traditional and soulful arrangements, with invigorating choreography and vocal gymnastics. Those willing will even get the chance to join in all the classic gospel hits. In keeping with the gospel theme, the menu features soul food straight from the Deep South.

Begin with a range of speciality bread including rich brown sugar cornbread, pumpkin bread, sweet brioche and rosemary and raisin bread. Main courses are hearty: the barbecue ribs are a hugely popular choice as is the grilled spatchcock chicken. Vegetarian choices include spinach, feta and caper open-faced omelette and desserts include caramelised banana French toast with maple syrup and strawberries, mouth-watering cheesecake and, for those with a very sweet tooth, chocolate and peanut butter brownie with cream and ice cream.

After brunch, guests are invited to head up to a private viewing gallery on the 29th floor of Millbank Tower to enjoy the panoramic 360° views of London. Access to the Viewing Gallery is available from 10am until 10pm every weekend from Easter until September. Viewing Gallery ticket prices: Adults (12 years & above) £10.00 Senior citizens & students £7.00 Children (5 to 12 years) £5.00 Children under 5 FREE Group (10 adults) £80.00 Tickets for the Altitude 360 º viewing gallery must be booked in advance and can be made throughwww.altitudelondon.com/view.

Gospel brunch takes place at between 11am and 3pm on Sundays and is priced at £49 per person (inc VAT). To make a reservation: 020 7592 7618 reservations.team@altitudelondon.com http://www.altitudelondon.com/gospelbrunch Soar over London at Altitude 360º – New Viewing Gallery – Londontopia – The Website for People Who Love London

Agastopia for Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


Do you swoon over Mr. Armitage’s swan-like neck?  Are you mesmerized by those gorgeous blue eyes? Charmed by his chesticles? Bowled over by his biceps? Do those long, lean thighs cause lots of sighs? Not to mention the smile, the nose, the hands   . . .  oh, how the list goes on. And on.

Then you will appreciate the Word for the Day.

Agastopia (noun): Appreciation for a particular part of another’s body.

I am quite an agastopian when it comes to Richard Armitage, but it is hard to pick just one physical feature to adore and admire on this magnificent specimen. I am sure you would agree.

The total package of talent, brains, beauty and character coming soon to a theater near you


I remember in the earlier days of my Richarding, I found myself trying to find something about Richard Armitage that I didn’t really like. Some physical trait, some personality quirk, some character deficit to help me “get over” this mad crush I had on him.

Didn’t happen (obviously, because here I am writing this blog called The Armitage Effect).

I think he’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and I have seen nearly everything there is to see. Never before was I fascinated by a man’s Adam’s apple. Or so taken with his feet. His FEET, for goodness’ sake. Those eyes–the brows, long, thick lashes, so expressive, so changeable. Hypnotizing. Those lips. A perfect Cupid’s bow of temptation. A real manly man’s nose–aquiline and imposing.

You know those heroes in the romance novels–tall, dark and unbelievably handsome with a voice that could make you melt and a gaze that smoulders? Here’s the living, breathing incarnation of the Romantic Hero. No wonder RA inspires so many of us to write stories with him as our muse.

Yep, that's one hunky guy (even more so as the years pass). But there are brains and talent and wit to go with all that male beauty.

However, he is so much more than just a pretty face and smokin’ bod. Because if good looks were all he had, if he opened his mouth and had nothing interesting to say, if he was humourless, an airhead, arrogant, a snob, a braggart, a narcissist, a compulsive womanizer–I would have moved on quite a while ago. I don’t like dumb, I don’t like shallow, I don’t like pretentious.

I love those genuine grins that you can also see in his lovely eyes. Just looks like the sort of fellow you'd like to have as a friend.

But he is none of those things. He’s intelligent and witty and articulate, yet still endearingly modest and down to earth. RA is a gentleman, polite and well-mannered and respectful and just a bit shy. In many ways, he seems to be like the classic “boy next door” who happens to be incredibly good-looking and sexy.

He has many wonderful character traits that remind me of my own true love and my very best friend, my husband. And the talent. Oooooh, the talent. I noticed Richard’s very attractive looks when I first saw him as Guy in Robin Hood BBC (kind of hard to miss) but I stuck with the series for RA’s  ACTING.

The black leather and eyeliner were just the icing on the cake. He made me believe in the reality of Guy, to empathize with his conflicts and struggles and cheer him on as my anti-hero. And the bonus was just how sexy and gorgeous he was throughout all the angst and brooding and anger and yearning.

Richard is my favorite detailed character actor who inhabits a stunning leading man’s face and body.

Sir Guy won my heart and broke my heart, thanks to Richard's superb acting skills.

He’s worked hard for years to establish himself as an actor, facing rejection, disappointment; tempted to, but never giving in to letting go  of his dream. North & South brought him a cadre of devoted fans; I feel certain that the iconic role of Thorin, a key role in both of The Hobbit films will make him an internationally known and respected actor.  We will discover just how many others out there share in the GTG (Good Taste Gene).

And we’ll be sitting there with butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth expressions on our faces. Looking like the cat that swallowed the cream.  Because we already knew just how totally fab Richard Crispin Armitage is. We don’t wish to say we told you so . . . but we did.