Agastopia for Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


Do you swoon over Mr. Armitage’s swan-like neck?  Are you mesmerized by those gorgeous blue eyes? Charmed by his chesticles? Bowled over by his biceps? Do those long, lean thighs cause lots of sighs? Not to mention the smile, the nose, the hands   . . .  oh, how the list goes on. And on.

Then you will appreciate the Word for the Day.

Agastopia (noun): Appreciation for a particular part of another’s body.

I am quite an agastopian when it comes to Richard Armitage, but it is hard to pick just one physical feature to adore and admire on this magnificent specimen. I am sure you would agree.

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  1. I came up with 28 but haven’t really gone in to a lot of detail!! 😉 Please do NOT ask me to name them!! *Blushes* Off for further studies !! 😀 Could this count as another RAnatomy lesson??

    • I think it could–since it requires us to concentrate on Mr. A’s anatomy. And no, my dear, you do NOT need to name them. Besides, I think I already have a pretty good idea what your choices are. Remember, I am psychic!!;)

  2. I can’t find anything I don’t like about him!!! I even have a very soft spot for his nose because I think he’d look too perfect without it (like a doll), and being teased as a child helped to make him into the man he is today! He is simply scrumptious 😀

    • Oh, as I have said, I see men with smallish noses–Robert Pattinson being an example–and I give a disdainful sniff. They aren’t nearly as attractive to me as Richard’s superbly aquiline nose is. I have always preferred a manly nose on a fellow. Men who are too perfect-looking just don’t appeal to me in the way Richard’s striking and distinct masculine beauty does.

  3. Oh, I’m definitely agastopian when it comes to all of Richard’s features, down to the smallest detail like the little scar over his left brow.
    He is one delicious man. 😀

  4. Hmm, yes, much deeper study is required on this one. But I am not (entirely) ashamed to admit (to you all, anyway) how often I am unable to resist muttering (in no particular order) “Those eyes! That mouth! That voice!” whenever watching RA onscreen. Lately, though, I have been focusing on his hands and those long, lean, lovely fingers.

  5. Anyone besides me fantasizing about being his dermatologist? “Yes, you’ll need to come in again for a full-body check in six months. A year? No, you’re over 40 now and you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. I’m glad to see that you’re moisturizing, and that your skin isn’t suffering so much from all the prostheses and adhesives, but all the same… We can’t be too careful.”

    • Hmmm, you can be his dermatologist Leigh, I quite like the idea of being his masseuse. 🙂 I’m sure he needs all those kinks and tired muscles worked on at the end of a hard day’s filming.

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