The total package of talent, brains, beauty and character coming soon to a theater near you


I remember in the earlier days of my Richarding, I found myself trying to find something about Richard Armitage that I didn’t really like. Some physical trait, some personality quirk, some character deficit to help me “get over” this mad crush I had on him.

Didn’t happen (obviously, because here I am writing this blog called The Armitage Effect).

I think he’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and I have seen nearly everything there is to see. Never before was I fascinated by a man’s Adam’s apple. Or so taken with his feet. His FEET, for goodness’ sake. Those eyes–the brows, long, thick lashes, so expressive, so changeable. Hypnotizing. Those lips. A perfect Cupid’s bow of temptation. A real manly man’s nose–aquiline and imposing.

You know those heroes in the romance novels–tall, dark and unbelievably handsome with a voice that could make you melt and a gaze that smoulders? Here’s the living, breathing incarnation of the Romantic Hero. No wonder RA inspires so many of us to write stories with him as our muse.

Yep, that's one hunky guy (even more so as the years pass). But there are brains and talent and wit to go with all that male beauty.

However, he is so much more than just a pretty face and smokin’ bod. Because if good looks were all he had, if he opened his mouth and had nothing interesting to say, if he was humourless, an airhead, arrogant, a snob, a braggart, a narcissist, a compulsive womanizer–I would have moved on quite a while ago. I don’t like dumb, I don’t like shallow, I don’t like pretentious.

I love those genuine grins that you can also see in his lovely eyes. Just looks like the sort of fellow you'd like to have as a friend.

But he is none of those things. He’s intelligent and witty and articulate, yet still endearingly modest and down to earth. RA is a gentleman, polite and well-mannered and respectful and just a bit shy. In many ways, he seems to be like the classic “boy next door” who happens to be incredibly good-looking and sexy.

He has many wonderful character traits that remind me of my own true love and my very best friend, my husband. And the talent. Oooooh, the talent. I noticed Richard’s very attractive looks when I first saw him as Guy in Robin Hood BBC (kind of hard to miss) but I stuck with the series for RA’s  ACTING.

The black leather and eyeliner were just the icing on the cake. He made me believe in the reality of Guy, to empathize with his conflicts and struggles and cheer him on as my anti-hero. And the bonus was just how sexy and gorgeous he was throughout all the angst and brooding and anger and yearning.

Richard is my favorite detailed character actor who inhabits a stunning leading man’s face and body.

Sir Guy won my heart and broke my heart, thanks to Richard's superb acting skills.

He’s worked hard for years to establish himself as an actor, facing rejection, disappointment; tempted to, but never giving in to letting go  of his dream. North & South brought him a cadre of devoted fans; I feel certain that the iconic role of Thorin, a key role in both of The Hobbit films will make him an internationally known and respected actor.  We will discover just how many others out there share in the GTG (Good Taste Gene).

And we’ll be sitting there with butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth expressions on our faces. Looking like the cat that swallowed the cream.  Because we already knew just how totally fab Richard Crispin Armitage is. We don’t wish to say we told you so . . . but we did.

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    • 😀 I would love that. Especially if I got to sit down and do interviews with my subject. He’s such a private fellow, I don’t know if he’d ever consider authorizing a bio, though.

  1. Oh Angie, having been in the media, let’keep our fingers crossed that you will interview him or connect with him at some point in your career. What an amazing experience that would be for you and for us.

    I too have looked for faults, trying to find reasons why I should not be so enamored. Nothing has worked yet. LOL

    • My sister (who is sjk56 on here) said she hoped I would get to meet Richard one day, too. And my brother-in-law said I should write a book about him. 😉
      I think I could not dream up an actor to crush on who is more made to order than Mr. A. *sigh*

      • Yes, you should write a book about RA! It could be similar to Mel Gussow’s “A life in acting” which is about Michael Gambon. It’s not a biography but a collection of interviews/conversations Gussow had with Gambon over the course of 15 years or so.

  2. I may have said this before but the 1st pic with the little girl is one of my favourite ever photos of Richard. The sweetness of his smile is just incredible. I read in an article that one of the things he dislikes about his profession is the red carpet events. You would never guess that from looking at that photo. He looks so relaxed and at ease.

    • I titled that photo “awwwwwwww” because that was my first reaction when I saw it. He looks so handsome and star-like and yet sweet and approachable. I thought about those comments he made about finding the red carpet such an excruciating event. And yet he seems to be enjoying himself when he interacts with the fans. I did think he seemed a little nervous at the first CA premiere event, but he appeared very confident and at ease at the NY event . . . I guess that being his first big Hollywood
      premiere to attend made him a little ill at ease initially.

  3. Attending premieres, doing interviews and publicity shoots, and appearing on TV shows like “Lorraine” — these days it’s all part of the job and in the contract. I can’t see that anyone would actually enjoy that, except for the no-talent exhibitionists who have no other claim to fame. Yet Richard is a professional and does his job with amazing good grace, courtesy, and candid charm. There are a few moments, like in that shot from the Strike Back premiere, when you see the John-Porter don’t-f***-with-me glint behind his eyes. I respect that. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to be intrusive and demanding just because RA’s in the public eye. I also respect Richard more because he does protect his privacy without resorting to violence. Good on ya, Richard.

    • Yes, there is a clear difference between doing the circuit of interviews, photo shoots and TV appearances expected and required as part of one’s profession and having cameras shoved in your face when you are a “civilian” enjoying a meal out, or doing your shopping, that sort of thing. I think Richard shows an ever-increasing confidence and panache when doing the red carpet events, the chat shows and the print/radio interviews, and that’s great, because I suspect he is going to be doing more and more of it.
      But he. like any other human being, is certainly still entitled to his privacy now AND after the full brouhaha of TH arrives.

      I always remember what my cousin said about touring with Willie Nelson and how the poor man couldn’t even go to the bathroom without someone following him in for an autograph. That’s being too darned thoughtless and intrusive. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Personally, I would HATE it if I couldn’t have a measure of privacy. There’s a reason why very, very few people have my cell phone number. Sometimes, I don’t want to be immediately available.

      The fame wh*res who live to see themselves plastered all over print media and online and whose lives revolve around being famous without benefit of talent or intellect or character–let the paps chase them down and hound them to death. Leave the worthwhile individuals alone.

  4. Richard truly is the total package: looks, brains, talent, and above all class! I’m tickled pink that all of his hard work is going to pay off in a BIG way! I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see all of the wonderful things that are in store for Richard!

  5. There is nothing to add to this post, Angie! You say is so well! The only thing I can say is that I totally agree to everything you say.

    Pic 1 is one of my absolute favourites. Thre are no words to describe what I feel about Richard when I look at that pic.

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