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So, I finished reading the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy on my Kindle . . . more to come


This is the sexy (and sometimes very kinky) fantasy set in Seattle that started out as Twilight fan fiction before morphing into a self-published ebook,  and now Vintage (with whom the author inked a seven-figure deal) has published the paperbacks, which are currently topping the  NYT‘s bestsellers list  EL James’s erotic novels are earning comments by readers who consider the books everything from execrable to engrossing.  Yep, the movie rights have already been sold for a cool $5 million with speculation on who will play the lead characters (I confess, I CANNOT envision Robert Pattinson in this role. Grey is described as beautiful and sex on legs . . .)

If I were EL James, I would be smiling, too--all the way to the bank.

I have lots of thoughts swirling in my head. If Christian Grey was any more complicated a character, I think my poor head would explode.  Take about mercurial!  And sometimes, downright scary.

I have to think about Grey and the complex dynamics of his relationship with Anastasia Steele. About domination and submission and control issues in relationships and how childhood abuse/depravation can damage a person. And other stuff, such as–is this well-written writing? Or does all the “kinky f***ery” as Ana dubs it get in the way?   Since I do write erotic romance,  I consider it possible for sexy and well-written to peacefully co-exist 😉

Plus there is the whole issue of what this means  in terms of fan fiction, its increasingly higher profile and the mainstream (which I touched upon with my F3 post, Fanstravaganza3 Fanfiction: Goin’ Mainstream).

So– there will be another blogpost to come on this trilogy.  I will be interested to hear from any of you who have read the Fifty Shades concerning your own impressions of the books.

Over 50,000 views–thank you!


In the wee hours of the morning, we rolled over more than 50,000 views here at the Armitage Effect since its inception in early February. Thank you all for your support and thank you, Richard Armitage, to inspiring us all!

Richard says, "Thank you for your support of our little community."

The most popular topic (after “Richard Armitage”) is a certain smouldering henchman from Nottingham. Guy is not at all suprised. Look at that smug smile on his gorgeous face!

Sir Guy somehow knew he'd come out on top. The cheeky bugger.

As to any suggestion it was due to his influence over fedoralady, Guy only gives a manly and disdain sniff and raises a dark brow as his hand steals to his sword . . . I really wouldn’t argue with him. I wouldn’t.

There’s a glorious big cat on the prowl . . . his name is Richard Armitage


~Cats are glorious creatures, who must on no accounts be underestimated . . . their eyes are fathomless depths~ Lesley Anne Ivory

~Some animals are secretive; some are shy. A cat is private~Leonard Michaels

~The cat has been described as the most perfect animal, the acme of muscular perfection and the supreme example in the animal kingdom of the coordination of mind and muscle~Roseanne Ambrose Brown

~Which is more beautiful, feline movement or feline stillness?~Elizabeth Hamilton




~Everything that a cat is or does physically is to me beautiful, lovely, stimulating, soothing, attractive and an enchantment~Paul Gallico, from “An Honourable Cat