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Bow-wow & Mee-ow Bunnies . . . Happy Easter (and Passover) to all! (and a PSA)


Hello, Easter Ferret!

Ebbie Lou looks gorgeous in her Easter bonnet.

Even big cats enjoy hunting for Easter eggs.

Folks at the Denver Animal Shelter

Folks at the Denver Animal Shelter (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Dog at animal shelter

Dog at animal shelter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










And now I am going to get serious for a few moments, but it’s for a good cause. 😀  Easter. Passover. Spring. It’s a time of renewal and new life, new beginnings, and new possibilities.  Many homeless animals are looking for a new beginning, too. You don’t have to go to a pet shop to find a great addition to your household. In fact, most of them are supplied by puppy mills, many of which are far more concerned with profit rather than proper care of the puppies and mothers.

Instead, look to local animal shelters and humane societies to provide that fur-ever friend. Every pet my husband and I have owned–and there’s been quite a few over the space of more than a quarter-century–has either come from an animal welfare organization, taken in as a stray or inherited from a deceased relative. We’ve loved and played and cuddled. We’ve lost and we’ve mourned, but I don’t regret one single adoption. We’ve given them a welcoming home and they’ve given us companionship, friendship, fun and unconditional love. And if you don’t want a rambunctious pup or kitten, consider adopting an adult dog–and keep black dogs and cats in mind. Because of old superstitions, many people avoid adopting pets with dark coats.

Even if you are not in a position to adopt an animal, you can always assist with donations of money, pet food, toys, old blankets, towels and other items. Check with your local shelter/humane society for their specific needs. Consider shopping in thrift stores run by humane societies; your bargain purchase will help provide food and medicine for homeless animals. Buy calendars, enter raffles, support the various fundraising activities of these organizations. There is always a need and always a way in which each of us can help.  A society that does not care for its most vulnerable–the elderly, the handicapped, children, and animals–has a lot to answer for.

Curly Armitage?


We all know Richard wore a wig in his role as Monet in The Impressionists. (And he still managed to be gorgeous. Said wig did not diminish those eyes or that smile.)

But there has been some discussion about his disheveled curls as John Standring in Sparkhouse. A wig? A perm? Or Richard Armitage‘s natural hair texture? Let’s take a look.

Sweetie John with his shaggy sheepdog hair. The extra length could be enough to unleash the natural tendency to curl.

Looking at some of his earlier photos, it looks as if his hair definitely had curl in it. Hair product could also enhance that.

Richard at 22. There appears to be a lot of wave in his shoulder-length locks from his Cats days.

Another early publicity still. Looks like curls to me.

Lovin' the little corkscrew curl falling over his forehead. Again, it appears a little extra length means more curls in Mr. A's hair. Or did he get a perm?

RA in rehearsal for "The Four Alice Bakers." Looks as if his hair has tendency to wave/curl here.

Speaking from my own personal experience with my  hair and that of my husband, the shorter it is, the straighter. Give it a little length and the natural wave really starts to appear. Add in hair product and/or heat and humidity and the curlier it tends to get. When my husband kept his hair short as required by the military, it looked pretty straight a la Porter. A couple of weeks ago before he got it cut, hubby’s hair was out-curling Sweetie John’s.  In fact, he suggested he might start putting it up in curlers for the fun of it. 😉

Here as Sir Guy in "Robin Hood" we see Guy sporting nape curls. It's the same look we see on John Mulligan.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this shot taken a couple of years ago with short hair that is still long enough to provide a bit of floppy fringe, it looks pretty straight. However, sometimes hair does not curl an equal amount all over the head. My hair tends to be straightish on top and curlier at temples and the nape of my neck. The same might be true of Richard’s hair, which also looks rather fine-textured.

I am thinking that is Richard’s real hair as Sweetie John. It appears to be his natural reddish-brown–and it doesn’t look “wiggy” as his Monet and “Shaggy Porte”r ‘dos did. One thing is for sure, the man is a chameleon with his hair, too.

So what’s your opinion?

Favorite Easter Candy & Our Own Sweet “Candy Man”


And there’s the always popular choccie Easter bunny. Are you an “ears first” or “tail first” consumer?

The longtime favorites, Peeps, but with a twist. It’s Star Trek peeps!

Robin's egg candy is the Easter version of malted milk balls. My husband's absolute fav.

Yummmmmm . . .

So, what is your favorite Easter candy? My  all-time favorite candy isn’t Cadbury’s or Hershey’s or Russell Stover‘s . . . it’s that sweet chocolate-voiced Candyman. 😀