Curly Armitage?


We all know Richard wore a wig in his role as Monet in The Impressionists. (And he still managed to be gorgeous. Said wig did not diminish those eyes or that smile.)

But there has been some discussion about his disheveled curls as John Standring in Sparkhouse. A wig? A perm? Or Richard Armitage‘s natural hair texture? Let’s take a look.

Sweetie John with his shaggy sheepdog hair. The extra length could be enough to unleash the natural tendency to curl.

Looking at some of his earlier photos, it looks as if his hair definitely had curl in it. Hair product could also enhance that.

Richard at 22. There appears to be a lot of wave in his shoulder-length locks from his Cats days.

Another early publicity still. Looks like curls to me.

Lovin' the little corkscrew curl falling over his forehead. Again, it appears a little extra length means more curls in Mr. A's hair. Or did he get a perm?

RA in rehearsal for "The Four Alice Bakers." Looks as if his hair has tendency to wave/curl here.

Speaking from my own personal experience with my  hair and that of my husband, the shorter it is, the straighter. Give it a little length and the natural wave really starts to appear. Add in hair product and/or heat and humidity and the curlier it tends to get. When my husband kept his hair short as required by the military, it looked pretty straight a la Porter. A couple of weeks ago before he got it cut, hubby’s hair was out-curling Sweetie John’s.  In fact, he suggested he might start putting it up in curlers for the fun of it. 😉

Here as Sir Guy in "Robin Hood" we see Guy sporting nape curls. It's the same look we see on John Mulligan.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this shot taken a couple of years ago with short hair that is still long enough to provide a bit of floppy fringe, it looks pretty straight. However, sometimes hair does not curl an equal amount all over the head. My hair tends to be straightish on top and curlier at temples and the nape of my neck. The same might be true of Richard’s hair, which also looks rather fine-textured.

I am thinking that is Richard’s real hair as Sweetie John. It appears to be his natural reddish-brown–and it doesn’t look “wiggy” as his Monet and “Shaggy Porte”r ‘dos did. One thing is for sure, the man is a chameleon with his hair, too.

So what’s your opinion?

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  1. Having curly hair myself, I know the shorter I keep it the straighter it stays. When you look at some shots in Spooks, his hair texture is quite wavy and it look like he uses product to keep it slick. I think his hair is much better as John Porter. Nice and short looks sexy.

    • Thanks for commenting, melmessenger and welcome!

      Good observations about the hair. I loved Porter’s hair because it was still long enough to rumple up a bit (remember when he pulled the T-shirt off at the prison?) and he had his sideburns. Love him with sideburns. 😀 I think when he was younger he tended to use a lot of hair product, judging from screencaps of him in his Doctors and Casualty days. As someone said, “Handsome Man with Too Much Hair Product” 😉 You can also see that wavy texture in close-ups of him at the Hobbit press conference.

  2. I think in some of the older pics it is likely to be a perm. There was a time when men did get perms. And the curly strands at the nape of Guy’s neck are like to be extensions treated with a curling iron. He definetely had a few extension for RH1, his hair wouldn’t have grown that fast from Hood academy to shooting the first scenes. When you look at him in autumn 2006 when he did RH publicity interviews, his hair had grown longish but looked pretty fine and straight.

    Same in RH2, I believe that was probably his own hair. A slight wave he probably has, but not the kind of hair that gets curlier the longer it gets. RA with curly hair is a lovely fantasy as I adore men with curly hair, but I think truth is, that his hair is pretty average and not his best feature.

    • I’ve debated back and forth about the hair (why I spend time thinking about such things, I don’t know). That one early publicity still in B&W where he has the curl tumbling over the forehead is the one that looks the most “perm-y” to me. So it’s possible that is his hair with remnants of a perm in Soarkhouse. I don’t think it’s a wig.

      I wonder if it’s possible my husband’s hair has gotten curlier as he gets older, or if it always was but I only saw it short for years. He had crew cuts as a child. *shrugs shoulders* It’s very fine-textured and soft as RA’s appears to be, but Benny’s is still quite thick even in his early 50s. When he jokes about needing curlers for it, I remind him a lot of our classmates would love to still have that much hair! 😉

      I confess I hope Richard will do a role requiring extensions again. I really loved his Guy hair in S3. Very Aragorn–ish (I watched The Two Towers earlier tonight).

      And I love a curly head of hair on a guy, too. Just makes me want to run my fingers through it. 😀

      • I think the slight wave he had after the haircut in Sparkhouse might be real, or the remains of the perm he had before, or he wore a wig for continuity reasons, after all they could only cut his real hair once. I also think the slight wave in the pic when he was very young was real but I wouldn’t exclude that later he got a perm because he wanted it, not for a role. We all went through phases of bad taste and thought we look great. I liked the long extension in RH3 and also like the Thorin wig, as it seems to be very well made and looks natural (as it should, in a production of that size!).

        • I had a permed mullet back in the early 80s. Hey, it was in fashion. 😉 I think with his Thorin costume it’s No Expense Spared, unlike some of his previous productions. 😉 Although I cannot fault whoever did his Guy extensions. I have seen some female celebs whose extensions weren’t nearly as well done.

          I adore the Thorin wig. It really looks natural and is very becoming (although I can also understand him pulling it back in a ponytail on breaks. I used to have hair that long and it can get HOT!)

          • Yes, the wig guy (I don’t know the proper term…sorry) said in one of TH production videos that the HAD to use real hair for the wigs because of the HD and 3D and what have you …They just could not have got away with fake hair.

      • I think that is his real hair in Sparkhouse as it seems pretty close to his natural colour and he looked pretty fantastic when they cut it! 🙂 Having that black/dark brown hair for Spooks and SB – even though in the latter we could see some red highlights in the sunshine – must have been very hard on the health of his hair. The way his hair has the tendency to curl at the nape of his neck, even when pretty short, makes me think it was more than likely there were no extensions in S2 of RH.

  3. I suspect that his own hair has a slight wave. However, I’ve found that using hair colour suppresses the tendency to curl. The ponytail is also good for keeping hair out of your eyes, your food, etc. I’m waiting to see Richard do the promotional chores for The Hobbit. Will he keep the close-cropped hair with the sneaky braids and the beard? Or only as long as he might be called back for retakes? Will he spot some grays and go, uh-oh, time for some colour? Or will the Richard III project be waiting for him? Would he have time to grow his own Plantagenet bob, or would it be extensions again? No matter how he rocks the locks, *yum*

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