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Guy. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Unforgettable.


Oh, that look of disbelief on Guy's beautiful face. The idea of someone trying to help him, save him without an ulterior motive

That dawning knowledge that someone really does care for him in this world.

That dark angel's smile of affection and gratitude. Beautiful.

The heartbreaking tenderness of those final moments together.

The complexity of emotions in Guy's face--gentleness, pain, regret, affection . . .

The exquisite gentleness of that chaste kiss.

In a mood to pleach? I sure am! TAE Word for the Day (and that hairy video)


Well, this word was certainly a new one for me, although some of you who are gardening types (or possibly hairdressers) might be familiar.

pleach (verb) : (1)To interweave branches or vines for a hedge or arbor. (2) to make or renew (a hedge, arbor, etc.) by such interweaving. (3) to braid (hair)  The word is derived from the Middle French word plais, which meant “a hedge.” It is pronounced “pleech.”

A row of pleached lime trees in the garden of ...

A row of pleached lime trees in the garden of Bateman's, Burwash Viewed from the south side of the house. Once the home of Rudyard Kipling, the house and gardens are now owned by the National Trust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hedging competition (3) I'm not sure what this...

Hedging competition (3) I'm not sure what this style is called but it has a very neat pleached top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


pleaching (Photo credit: passitonfromthemill)

I have never pleached any hedges, but I have pleached my hair. And my mother used to pleach the most picture-perfect pigtails for me to wear to school.

But I’ve been thinking of a certain handsome dwarf . . . and those fetching little braids he wears in his mane of magnificent hair. I would love to give Thorin a good shampoo and conditioning treatment, followed by a comb-out. Then I would happily pleach the King Under the Mountain’s long and lovely tresses . . .

More Furry Easter Fun & Mr. Armitage

This Easter Bunny is just pussy-footing around, it seems.

Look at how many eggs I found! Do I win the prize, huh, huh!?!

Don't let this expression fool you. I am ecstatic over Easter.

I think my new hot pink turban and fluffy bunny slippers are just the purrr-fect, Easter gift, don’t you?

Jeez, I feel like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story.” Can I take this off now, please??

OK, I have to admit it. I am pretty adorable in this get-up.

As Queen Victoria would say, "We are not amused, human."

Happy Easter, ladies. Good times and sweet dreams to you all of you in our little community.