Meet one of RA’s TH co-stars: the charming, talented Lee Pace


Lee Pace first came on my radar in the period comedy, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. 

Cover of "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day ...

Cover via Amazon

Lee Pace in "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day."

He was tall, dark and attractive and he definitely caught my attention. I  thought he was a Brit, but it turns out he was born in Oklahoma and spent much of his childhood in Saudi Arabia (his dad was an oilman). On returning to the US, the family lived in New Orleans and Houston, Texas. Lee is a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School and has done work in television, on stage and on screen. I never saw either of his television series (Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies), but the latter has been quite a cult classic and I hope to check it out in the not-too-distant future.


Wonderfalls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 177: Pushing Daisies

Day 177: Pushing Daisies (Photo credit: tsmall)

Lee’s breakthrough performance was the 2003 film made for Showtime, Soldier’s Girl, based on a true and tragic incident. Lee plays a transgender showclub performer who becomes involved with a young soldier, later beaten to death by a fellow GI.  It’s the sort of story that could have been handled in a cheap and exploitative manner; instead, the relationship is explored with great sensitivity and it’s beautifully acted by Lee and Troy Garrity as Barry, the soldier who unexpectedly falls in love with someone very different.

Lee is six feet, three inches tall with a deep voice.   Yet, he creates the illusion that he is a woman. He doesn’t come across as a drag queen with a lot of exaggerated mannerisms, but a very tall, willowy and graceful lady, and it is easy to see why the soldier would be attracted to Calpernia. Lee, already a lean fellow, lost 25 lbs. to play the role. He performance was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globes.

Lee Pace as Calpernia, the transgender showgirl in "A Soldier's Girl."

In 2006, Lee appeared in the fantasy adventure film The Fall, playing Roy, a silent movie era stuntman who is partially paralyzed in a fall. With both heart and body fractured, Roy is befriended by a little girl recuperating from a broken arm in the same hospital. He entertains her with tales of strange mythical heroes and their far-flung exploits. It is one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen (I have now ordered it on DVD) shot over a couple of years in a half-dozen different countries.

A gif that shows Lee also knows how to rock the guyliner.

”]Cover of "The Fall (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]&...

Lee has also appeared in such films as  The Ceremony, When in Rome, A Single Man and has a role in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

He will be playing the elf king Thranduil in both of the upcoming Hobbit films.   He just might give Leggy some competition in the hearthrob elf category.  Lee’s trademarks are his bushy eyebrows and his shy, nervous but charming demeanor.

Lomelindi88's rendering of Lee as Elf King Thranduil in "The Hobbit."

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  1. He IS rather gorgeous, isn’t he?

    I’m going off to bed now as I have a nasty headache and am very weary. Thanks for the great posts again this past weekend.

    ‘night, ‘night


    • He’s very attractive- as a guy AND as a girl. 😉 I had a brutal sinus headache earlier but I feel better now, hope yours improves. Glad you enjoyed all the Easter goodies. 😉 Hope you sleep well.

  2. Uh, is it me or does he have a slight resemblance to Robert Pattison?
    I am sorry Fedoralady, but no one rocks the guy-liner like Mr. A and Gizzy.

    Thank you for the viewing suggestions.

    • Uhmmm. He has a lot of hair and the heavy brows, but I personally find Lee a lot more attractive than RPatz. I also think he’s a better actor than RP. His performance in Soldier’s Girl is amazing. I didn’t say he rocked it better than Guy, I just said he can rock it. 😉

  3. Soldier’s Girl sounds fantastic. I will definitely look for it. I have never seen any of Lee’s performances so that is something to look forward to.

    Lol@ rocking the Guy liner.

    • I was really blown away by SG. I saw it for the first time probably a year or so ago, and it stuck in my mind. Just the other day I was flipping through channels, I ran across it. It was already halfway through, but I watched it again anyway because I enjoyed Lee’s nuanced performance so much and it was so well done. I look foward to seeing him in The Hobbit, too. At six foot three inches he will make a fine tall, willowy elf king. 😀

  4. Thanks, I didn’t know any of this. Sounds very interesting. I will have to check these movies and shows out. But our little dwarf will still outshine this tall fellow:)

    • You are welcome. Yes, even though Lee is actually taller than RA (how often does that happen?) no one will stand taller and more regal than the King Under the Mountain.

  5. Wow, that is a gorgeous drawing of Thranduil! I really enjoyed “Pushing Daisies” when it was on and Lee as the Pie Man does a good job. He was a sweet charmer in “Miss Pettigrew,” too. I didn’t realize he was in “The Fall” and have bumped it up on my Netflix after your comments. 🙂

    • Isn’t it beautiful? They haven’t released any stills of Lee in his elfin wear 😉 but I found some fan art and this one was superb. Really looks like him–those eyes and the smile. I will be interested to know what you think of The Fall. It’s worth watching for the visuals alone.

  6. Hi ladies. As you probably know by now, I don’t live in America. So… this Netflix you all keep talking about a DVD rental website or one of your cable channels?

    We have an online DVD rental site called Quikflix in Australia – maybe that’s it?

    OH…and BTW…what the heck is a “Mary Sue” when it’s at home???? You all (can’t remember how you wrote it, Angie!) need to remember that some of us readers are foreigners!

    • I’ve still got to do that posts on fanfic terminology. A Mary Sue is an overally idealized fictional character–with few flaws, basically one-dimensional. Often seen as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for readers and authors. Male equivalent is a Gary Stu. 😉

      Netflix is a DVD rental service which also offers streaming video. We used to have it but dropped it when I lost my job. The streaming video never worked well for us because our connection is not speedy enough, but to answer your question in the other comment, yes the DVDS come directly to your home. They provide a postage-paid envelope for you to return them.

      • Thank you, Angie – it sounds just like our Quikflix but ours may not have quite the range yours has. But I’ll re-join and see if they have any of Lee’s shows.

        I’ve enjoyed catching up with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in series 1 and 2 of “Sherlock” and Aiden Turner in “Being Human” series 1 – 3.

        Matthew keeps telling me I need to find someone who owns “The Office”(the English version) with Martin but I might get a couple of those from Quikflix. I watched only about the first 10 mins of episode 1 when it first started years ago but I wasn’t impressed then, and so I didn’t even bother with the American one as I can’t stand the little I’ve ever seen of Steve Carell!

    • Yes, you can watch online, on your tv, onyour smartphone, on your ipad and/or get them delivered straight to your home. Some things don’t show online so you have to have them delivered. It’s where I first saw Richard in N&S, so it’s a favorite of mine.

      • Thank you, Laurie. I will have actual DVDs delivered to my door when I join Quikflix again – that’s how I first saw “Robin Hood”!!!

        I actually watched the first 5 minutes of the very 1st episode on television years ago and couldn’t cope with Jonas Armstrong so I decided not to watch any more of the show!!!

        Of course, if I had known at that time that Richard was in it, it would have been totally different. I didn’t discover my mistake until early last year when I first Googled “Richard Armitage British actor”!!!

        I got all episodes of “Robin Hood” and all episodes of series 7 and 8 of “Spooks” sent to me as individual DVDs from Quikflix.

        Then I started buying DVDs and went totally mad.

        Oh, BTW, how do you pronounce your name. Australia would call you “Lorry” until they knew better!

        • that should have been “Australians”!

          My daughter has an American sister-in-law whose named is spelled “Lori” but it’s pronounced “Law ree”

          • Law-ree. However, almost no one pronounces it correctly, especially at first. So I answer to all variations!! But I do appreciate when it’s pronounced correctly:) It makes me feel like me!

  7. I’ve watched The Fall a month ago and at first, I didn’t knew what to think about it. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t a good one either. I had conflicted feelings about it. But one thing I’m sure of, it’s one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. Singh isn’t that good with scenario, but gosh, all his movies are visually striking !

    Oh, Lee Pace *squee*… and that amazing little girl with doll eyes Catinca Untaru. Their pairing is perfect, they’re so cute ! They made me cry, twice, so I guess a movie capable of bringing me on the verge of tears is worth watching 🙂 And you really should watch “Pushing Daisies”, it’s sweet, cute, odd, quirky and spooky !

  8. I’ve never seen Lee Pace in anything. Thank you for the recommendations, Angie. Lee’s certainly very pretty – almost too pretty for my liking. 😉 Great drawing of his TH character, I wish someone would do one of Thorin too!

  9. My intro to Lee was the delightful series Pushing Daisies. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s rentable from pretty much anywhere; also, for those who have Hulu or Amazon Prime, it’s free streaming. Think Tim Burton meets Dr. Seuss in terms of visual. Can’t recommend it highly enough — and pay attention to the dialog, it is very clever and funny. And for anyone who wonders about this man’s ‘range’ any further, I recommend Capote — he plays one of the killers that the book In Cold Blood was based on. Small role, but very well done. And for sheer sweet charm, check out Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

    • Hi, Kelly, thanks for commenting. Lee is really a versatile, talented guy (and cute as pie) and I am looking forward to seeing him as Thranduil in The Hobbit. I am glad he and Richard got to work together. They both appear to be truly lovely human beings.

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