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Dreamin’ with his feet: Richard the dancer and a groovin’ vid


Richard may have long ago left behind musical theater. But he hasn’t forgotten his dancer’s training. Even when he’s playing a soldier or a spy, Richard dances, moving with balletic grace as he battles hand to hand with a bad guy, races through the streets or wields a deadly weapon.

He moves with the agility and stealth of a feline as he eludes capture, “cases the joint,” goes on a mission of mercy. He stands out in the Cats cast, and not just because of his height.  He has learned to control that tall, lanky body of his, combining athleticsm, fluidity and economy of movement. He really is poetry in motion.

There's nothing like watching Mr. Armitage and his dancing feet . . .

Who knows what the future holds for Richard Armitage?


There is much speculation amongst his fans over Richard’s career decisions in the aftermath of The Hobbit. I have no doubt that the offers will come, the scripts will arrive and he will have more opportunities to share his amazing talent than ever before. Many of us hope his long-held dream of a Richard III production will finally happen. Something “all about love” is on many people’s lists–something light and witty and literate where Richard actually gets the girl and survives the final credits.  Some crave another classic drama and the sight of Mr. Armitage in fetching period attire. Or who about portraying a musician–a cellist? After all, he already plays and what a delight it would be to see those beautiful long fingers handling the instrument . . .

Others would like to see him tackle a stage role. Perhaps some very interesting and challenging part in a small independent film? A major role in a quality television production that would bring Richard into our homes every week is also appealing to many of us.

I’d adore seeing him play Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. And I am now re-reading Rebecca and quite easily imagining him as the attractive and enigmatic Maxim de Winter. And naturally we’d all like him to record more audiobooks for our listening pleasure.

Most of all, I think, we simply want to hear him, see him, engage once again with Richard the charming, funny, lovely man and with his complex and fully-faceted characters.  We “can’t hardly wait” for Thorin to arrive on screen (how many days is it now?).

I really am afraid I will just burst into tears when I see him up there. Or swoon. Or sit there giggling with a big, stupid grin on my face. It’s really happening, Richard. It’s happening for you. Future journeys to make, dragons to slay, castles to build in the air.  Never forget that the greatest treasure you could ever hope to find is right there inside you.  You are already our star. For me, you always will be the brightest in the firmament.

Richard III, Act 5, scene 3: Richard, played b...

Richard III, Act 5, scene 3: Richard, played by David Garrick, awakens after a nightmare visit by the ghosts of his victims. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pan UK paperback edition cover (showing Joanna...

Pan UK paperback edition cover (showing Joanna David as Mrs. de Winter from the BBC television production. Jeremy Brett played Maxim de Winter opposite Joanna.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the scales of Smaug

the scales of Smaug (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)

Screenshot of To Kill a Mockingbird(an America...

Screenshot of To Kill a Mockingbird(an American movie issued in 1962) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring fever & Richard Armitage: a blissful state of mind


The grass is emerald green, the fruit trees are flowering, the pansies and petunias and marigolds bring lovely lavender blues, deep pinks and yellow to the mix in the planter boxes out front. It’s lovely this time of year. A new season and a new beginning. It does the heart and soul good.

I have speculated before about Richard Armitage having the same effect on us as the fabled fountain of youth.  He certainly seems to have an amazing ability to rejuvenate us, doesn’t he?

A while back I was playing with my camera, and I wanted to take a photo of myself that captured the way Richard makes me feel. Blissful. Inspired. Creative.

And so I snapped away and then played with the photo editing tools I had at the time to give the image a more dream-like quality. Today I added this quote.

Spring and Richard Armitage put one in a youthful–sometimes downright frisky–state of mind. I am sure Will Shakespeare would agree–and would love to have Mr. A play more of his characters, too.

A classic in black & white


So, I got to play with layering and adding text in Monday night’s Photoshop Elements class. Wow, there are SO many bells and whistles to tinker with . . . Hubby has a 900-plus pdf on the program. I have lots and lots to learn . . . in the meantime, a classy gent, Richard Armitage, in a classy photo, as I am sure you will agree. 😀