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I took today off . . . more or less. And Du Maurier and some Guy.


I took today off. Actually, it could be argued I take everyday off since I am currently unemployed. However, I usually spend time here with my laptop, working on blog entries, reading and writing comments,working on the novel, researching, playing with Photoshop, visiting other blogs, and so forth (oddly, a great deal of my activity seems to tie into Richard Armitage. Hmmmmmmm . . .).

This guy has me totally captivated.

However, in spite of my efforts with heat and cold therapy and meds, my shoulder-plus pain was still being a bear. I decided I needed to take a break, rest, catch up on some ZZZZs and make inroads into re-reading that fabulous classic by Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca (Richard would make a fabulous Maxim. See, even with a day off, I don’t really take a day off from Armitage . . .) Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy a particular author’s work and then I re-read one of their books, and all that pleasure floods back over me. Reading–the gift that keeps on giving, again and again.

My current read. If you have never read it, you really, really should. There's a good reason it's a classic. And RA would make such a compelling Maxim.

Daphne du Maurier near her house at Ferryside,...

Daphne du Maurier near her house at Ferryside, Fowey (1931). Русский: Дафна дю Морье у своего дома в Фэррисайд, Фоуи (1931 год). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Young Daphne du Maurier (about 1930) Русский: ...

Young Daphne du Maurier (about 1930) Русский: Портрет Дафны дю Морье в молодости (начало 30-х годов ХХ века) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am happy to report that, at least for now, the pain and knottiness in my muscles, tendons and fascia has abated. I am going to try to take it easy for the next few days. I know it will inevitably return, but I am trying not to rush things. 😉  In the meantime, Guyday Friday fast approaches . . . and Guy is always ever so watchable, even when he’s in the background . . . thank you, Richard Armitage, for the wonderful, irresistible, beautiful, mercurial, noble, snarling, vulnerable creation that is Sir Guy.

Enjoy the Guy beauty with more to come (and yes, that is a quote from Rebecca with the narrator describing Maxim De Winter . . .)  Hope all of you are well!

Totally Gratuitous: What is it about those chesticles?


Muscular, yet not muscle-bound. Very fit, but not body builder-on-steroids buff. The rounded contours, the perky little nipples and pebbled aureolae. The skin, pale, smooth, almost begging you to touch it. I have found myself studying other bare celebrity chests of the masculine variety–purely for research purposes, of course–trying to figure out why I like Mr. A’s chest so much  more than theirs. I don’t know, maybe it’s the guy it’s attached to ?. . .

Porter displays his treasure chest whilst on a mission.

Lee and his magnificent chest rest. He needs his beauty sleep to keep up with all his extra-curricular activities.

Lucas's inked upper body leaves me just a little (OK, maybe a LOT) breathless.

Sir Guy and his Smouldering Chesticles of Delight.

Oh, come on, Marian. Touch him. Touch him NOW. *guh*

You don't need to get dressed on our account, Luscious Lucas . . .