Totally Gratuitous: What is it about those chesticles?


Muscular, yet not muscle-bound. Very fit, but not body builder-on-steroids buff. The rounded contours, the perky little nipples and pebbled aureolae. The skin, pale, smooth, almost begging you to touch it. I have found myself studying other bare celebrity chests of the masculine variety–purely for research purposes, of course–trying to figure out why I like Mr. A’s chest so much  more than theirs. I don’t know, maybe it’s the guy it’s attached to ?. . .

Porter displays his treasure chest whilst on a mission.

Lee and his magnificent chest rest. He needs his beauty sleep to keep up with all his extra-curricular activities.

Lucas's inked upper body leaves me just a little (OK, maybe a LOT) breathless.

Sir Guy and his Smouldering Chesticles of Delight.

Oh, come on, Marian. Touch him. Touch him NOW. *guh*

You don't need to get dressed on our account, Luscious Lucas . . .

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  1. Yes. It’s definitely the guy it’s attached to! 🙂 How are you feeling Angie? I have a sore neck too…And sore shoulder.. I sympathize with you…

    • Hey, sorry to hear you are having trouble, too. I am never sure if it starts in my shoulder and radiates up or starts behind my left eye and and radiates down. I have damage to my jaw from a car wreck in college and the shoulder is tied to my fibromyalgia-as if I have a huge knot in the muscles and tendons of my shoulder. I have to take a lot of rest breaks.

  2. A lot of ink has been spilled and a lot of words have been spoken about his yummy nipples ! And I’ve noticed they are a great source of inspiration for many women ! “sigh”

    • Oh dear, what a bedtime candy (for this late nicht hour!) with totally seductive delicate nipples!!! I dare not talk about his chest. “sigh”

  3. You’re right, Angie, he shouldn’t get dressed on our account, if it were down to us he’d run around half naked all the time, poor fellow! 🙂 Really hope the rice pack will ease the pain in your neck! I’ve put diclofenac-patches on my neck and left shoulder..

  4. His chest is perfect! I can’t find a thing wrong with it and believe me I’ve spent a lot of time studying it! It just begs to be touched.

  5. Oh my!!!! *blushes* !!! 😀

    I just started re-watching Spooks S7 and on looking at that last picture – yes I admit I looked at each one – (how could I in all honesty do or say otherwise?) I thought what a contrast his body is there to what it looks like in this one

    NOT that I’m complaining mind, as he looks beautiful in both, but in the S9 pic it looks as though he had retained quite a bit of his John Porter physique there. It makes me wonder if he has perhaps lost some weight again now that he has been running all over the NZ landscape wearing those heavy costumes? Just as well he’s “fit” – in both senses of the word!!! 😉 Our British friends will know what I mean!!

  6. Yup, definitely the man who makes those chesticles so spectacular! I want to both touch it and lay my head on it. It would be so comforting.

  7. This is it, what mr.Thornton was hiding before us. 😉
    Don’t know if I would dared to hug him or to touch his chest(it seems to me almost like…well…profanity ;)) but I would like to pat him on the cheek. There is something in this guy what arouses my tenderness.
    ps: Are you feel any better,Angie?

    • What delights were waiting for Margaret under Mr. Thorton’s sober black and white attire . . . 😀 There is a certain sweetness and vulnerability he exudes at times that just makes you want to tell him what a dear he is. I find myself wanting to oinch his cheeks (yes, the ones on his FACE).

    • I didn’t come up with it, although I have invented my fair share of RA-related terms 😉 but it’s so suitable somehow. And I loved your photo montage of said chesticles. 😀

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