Monet and Mr. Thornton for a rainy day

Claude Monet - Water Lilies

Claude Monet - Water Lilies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Claude Monet 028

It’s a rainy night, a precursor to more rain expected tomorrow and tomorrow night, with thunderstorms likely to be part of the mix. More aches and pains on the way. C’est la vie.

My diva cat Puddin’ is bound and determined to stay attached to my shoulder which makes it a little hard to work on the computer, but I soldier on. I’m going to shut things down soon–and very possibly throw out the cat, I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep and it’s telling on me–and re-read more of Rebecca. Catch you sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy some Mr. Thornton and Monet. Mr. Armitage does have a way of making me feel better.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet (Photo credit: Martin Beek)

The Lindens of Poissy, by Claude Monet (1882).

The Lindens of Poissy, by Claude Monet (1882). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)