In need of some midweek pep? Let Guy and Lucas inspire you . . . and Queen










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  1. Oh, I desperately need me some time with Sex God Guy!!! “Sultan of Smoulder and Swagger”!!! Love it.

    And, oh my doodness (as Kaitlyn says!), luscious Lucas wouldn’t be safe anywhere near me either!

    Will you stop tempting me, Angie, with all these delicious pics and captions, please? They’re making me awfully frisky, despite the pain and fatigue!

    Richard is so amazingly beautiful that I simply can’t believe it most of the time. And that body………


    I’m now going off to listen to Rob Inglis read me some more of “The Fellowship of the Ring”. I’m enjoying it almost as much as his reading of “The Hobbit”.

    ‘night, ‘night

  2. It’s cold and rainy here. I need a ray of sunshine and Guy’s and Lucas’s pictures cure my blues.
    Ooooooooh “at your service Milady”. Thank you Guy and Angie !

  3. Oh Thank you! This certainly cheered me up – was in a dire Armitage-withdrawal condition….ok I need a fan and a cold drink now *phew*

  4. I had a bad headache then started to watch the Cbeebies bedtime stories with RA and lo and behold the headache was gone! He’s a healer! 🙂

    • LOL@Judit @he’s a healer! It is a catch 22. He heals my headaches and then causes the my pressure to rise. Either way, when I am staring at his pics, I feel reeeel fine.

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