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The naughty and the nice ones


I’ve been up 22 hours now and am seriously flagging. Puddy Cat keeps wanting to sleep on top of me, which is a little awkward when you are using your laptop. Not to mention she is a very fluffy feline who puts out a great deal of heat and it’s a little warm to wear fur. ūüėČ

So this will be final post for the day and I will catch up with the comments tomorrow. Thanks as always for reading, ‘liking’ and commenting.

A contemplative Sir Guy


Sir Guy. Volatile, vulnerable, beautiful, brooding, dominating, endearing, thirsty for wealth and status and hungry for a home and family and someone to love him. Proud and arrogant and tender and sweet. ¬†Surely one of Mr. A’s most complex characters. And one of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest of a sexy bunch of lads. He inflamed our passions, led us to empathize with him and broke our hearts along the way. We will never forget him.




25 things you probably don’t know about fedoralady . . .


Braille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know those articles you see in some magazines that have a celeb listing X number of things you probably don’t know about them? Well, I am certainly no celebrity but I thought it might be fun to do this so you could learn a bit more about fedoralady. Some of these some of you will know, but others should be completely fresh to all. And Richard Armitage manages to appear in here somewhere.

1. I live on the same rural dirt and gravel road where I grew up. Several years ago the road got a name as part of E-911.
The road bears my father’s name, a fact in which he took a great deal of pride.

2. I am a lefty who uses her right hand to operate her computer mouse and most remote controls.

3. I taught arts and crafts and creative and performing arts to blind and visually impaired students at the Alabama School for the Blind for three years. The comment I often got when people learned what I did? ‚ÄúOh, so you know sign language!‚ÄĚ Uh, no. I did learn Braille. BTW, sighted people learn Braille by sight rather than touch.

A rendition of the musical notation for the ch...

A rendition of the musical notation for the chorus of "Jingle Bells". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. I can sing ‚ÄúJingle Bells‚ÄĚ in three languages‚ÄĒEnglish, Spanish and French.


5. I am a Libra and so is my husband.


6. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. If Dr. Philip hadn’t done his job quickly, I would have likely suffered brain damage. Occasionally I wonder if I didn’t.

7. I have no natural sense of direction.

8. I have flown a plane. I took a flight lesson while working at the newspaper and the student actually has control of the plane for a portion of the lesson. Exciting and a bit harrowing.

A McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III at Ai...

A McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III at Air refuling by an Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. On that same note, I have also flown in a KC-135 tanker and seen an in-flight refueling up close and personal.

10. In spite of numbers 8 and 9, I have something of a fear of heights. I also dislike deep water and I hate snakes. My father was bitten by a rattler when I was a child.

11. I have interviewed the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

12. I have known my husband since first grade but we didn’t start dating until our senior year, when we attended the prom together.

13. I spent Sept. 11, 2001 with my family at a Montgomery hospital while my mother underwent pre-op for surgery to repair her shattered ankle.

14. I have a couple of extra vertebrae in my spine, making me two inches taller than I would otherwise be.

15. I am the youngest of three daughters and my parents’ only biological child together. My sisters were conceived by artificial insemination. My father had been injured by a bayonet in the groin in WW II and was thought to be sterile. Let’s say it was a big surprise when I came along. My feet are identical to his with very distinctive toes.

16. I absolutely love tomatoes. I could make myself sick eating them. Give me a knife, a salt shaker and some vine-ripened maters and I am one happy lady.

17. I was trivia champion two years in a row on Carnival cruises out of Mobile.

18. I have sung on the same stage as country legend Hank Williams, Sr., who was from Butler County.

Boyhood home of Hank Williams in Georgiana, Al...

Boyhood home of Hank Williams in Georgiana, Alabama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19. My favorite animated film is ‚ÄúUp.‚ÄĚ Yes, it is also one of Richard‚Äôs favorites. My favorite Hitchcock film is ‚ÄúNorth by Northwest‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒalso one of Richard‚Äôs favs. Obviously, we both have good taste.

20. I used to spend an hour each morning and evening on the school bus even though I lived only 12 miles from town due to the circuitous route.
I did most of my homework during the ride. How my teachers read some of it, I’ll never know.

21. I was voted “Most Talented” in my senior class and served as salutatorian (ranked number 2) in my class. My husband, who was “Most Intellectual”¬†was third. People said we were made for each other. I think they were right. ūüėČ

22. The one makeup item I would consider a necessity me is lipstick. It can also be used as blush in a pinch, and it gives this pale face a welcome pop of color.  After that? Eyeliner.

23. The animal I consider myself to be most like is the cat, except for the whole graceful and agile thing.

24. I like to sleep with one hand tucked beneath my pillow.

25. The greatest distance I have walked in one day was 14 miles to raise funds for a charity. That was about 35 years, a couple of car accidents and knee surgery ago.

Guyday Friday continues: My dark angel


There’s a reason Richard referred to playing Guy as walking around “with a face like thunder.”¬† Guy sneered. snarled and sometimes growled. He often smirked. But a real, genuine smile was a rare thing.¬† And so when such an expression appeared on his beautiful face, he really did look like a dark angel to me. I was captivatd all the more.¬† And once more I asked, “Oh, Marian . . . why?”

Sir Guy and the wake-up call


“Lady Writer,” she heard the deep, resonant rumble she loved so much. “You were asleep a very long time¬† . . .”

Lady Writer (pictorial remix)

Lady Writer (pictorial remix) (Photo credit: PIX-JOCKEY (Roberto Rizzato))

Lady Writer looked up into Sir Guy’s kohl-rimmed eyes and saw amusement mixed with concern reflected in that azure gaze of his.

He sat down on the bed beside her. Tilting his head as he flicked back a stray lock of that lustrous mane, Guy gave her one of those smiles. The sort of smile that made her heart beat a little faster.

“I thought perhaps I would have to revive you as the prince did in Sleeping Beauty. And also–Snow White, I believe?”

Lady Writer’s blue eyes widened behind her glasses. Damn, why did that stupid sound machine have to¬†go and wake her up by cutting off? Waking up courtesy of Sir Guy would have been so much more enjoyable . . .

She saw a certain familiar¬†gleam appear in those beautiful peepers of his.¬† “Ah, you find that notion not–unappealing?” Guy’s¬†voice grew even deeper and huskier as he leaned towards her.

Lady Writer cleared her¬†throat and straightened her pajama-clad shoulders. “Oh, I can think of worse ways to awake, I suppose,”¬†she said with a deliberate nonchalance, which didn’t fool the ChaRActer Porter loved to call the Medieval Menace one little bit.

He raised one dark brow as¬† he folded those muscular arms across that equally muscular chest.¬†¬†¬† In spite of his penchant for Cheez-Its¬†and fudgy¬†brownies and Moo-llenuim¬†Crunch¬†Blue Bell ice cream, Sir Guy had stayed in remarkably good–erm–shape.

“And I would have been glad to make such a¬†sacrific, milady.” He said with the utmost sincerity.¬†Guy had perfected such¬†lines from his years with the Treacherous Troll, when he had been forced to hear and speak a lot of bull.

Lady Writer’s brows rose-both of them. “Such a–sacrifice?”

He nodded with great solemnity. “Yes, a sacrifice I would gladly make in order to preserve something most cherished.”

“What’s that, Sir Guy?”

“Why–Guyday¬†Friday, of course! I could not let you sleep through that . . . t’would¬†disappoint your readers all across the world.” He gave her one of those¬†teasing boyish¬†smiles¬†that transformed his features. He¬†did¬†smile more often now that he was SND.

Lady Writer sighed. “I should never have mentioned¬† the fact¬†you are¬†the most popular character on the blog . . .”

His smile broadened into¬†one of those irresistibly maddening grins as he wagged his long, elegant finger at her.¬† “You should never have made me privy to your passwords, Lady Writer. Or taught me all about the Internet. And reading and writing and . . .”

Lady Writer suddenly leaned forward and pressed a quick yet¬†hearty¬†kiss to Guy’s lips. Which are just as soft as you all have imagined. Sitting back, she giggled at the look of surprise on her dark knight’s face.

“Gotcha,” she said, the green and gold flecks¬†in her own blue eyes dancing.¬† “Happy Guyday Friday, you big lug.”

Guy smirked and heaved a sigh, then lifted an imaginary glass.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

“You’ve been watching Turner Classic Movies again, haven’t you, Sir Guy?”

“I¬† am continuing my studies of popular American culture of the 20th century, Lady Writer . . .”

Haopy Guyday Friday, everyone!

What time is it, anyway????

Fred Leslie as the old Rip

Fred Leslie as the old Rip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever woken  up and been completely disoriented about what time it was and possibly even what day? Feeling like a character from some film noir?

The nap I mentioned I planned to take (in an earlier post) was delayed quite a bit as I worked on a little project to help out Benny.  Finally, completely bleary-eyed and feeling fuzzy-headed, I turned on the sound machine, closed my eyes to the midday sunlight filtering in and settled down . . .

And I remember nothing after that. For hours.

Except a few disjointed dreams, one featuring my hair (I think this nasty breakout around my hairline might have provoked that).¬†I roused enough to note it was now dark outside before slipping into sleep’s embrace again.¬† No memory of hearing Benny return from shooting more video footage for the opening segment he is putting together for the arts council fundraiser.
I woke up to silence. No sound machine.¬† It was pitch dark.¬† I can’t read the clock without my glasses. How long have I been asleep?
I was suddenly seized with a¬†fear I had somehow missed Friday completely. Missed going online to turn in my weekly unemployment claim.¬†Possibly even worse–had I skipped Guyday Friday altogether? Guy would not be happy. Neither would my readers.

You do NOT forget my special day!!!

Perhaps I had turned into Rip Van Winkle?

So it was with some relief I¬†retrieved¬†my spectacles,¬†opened my laptop and logged in to see it was still Friday. Very early Friday morning.¬† A time when I would normally still be awake.¬† I hadn’t skipped a day, but¬†I had slept close to 12 hours. I guess I needed to catch up?

And now my left click button on my laptop is going bad. Benny says I hit it too hard, I think it’s more of a case of hitting it too often. This laptop is a few years old, but it’s been well and truly used both for work and for pleasure. Guess what the biggest part of the pleasure has been?

Hmmm. I think it has something to do with a certain tall, dark-haired, azure-eyed, exceptionally attractive and intelligent male with lots of talent, charisma, sex appeal and loveability.

Dazzling. Just--dazzlling.