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I seem to have turned into a cat bed . . .


Or a cat bolster or pillow or whatever. Callie has noticed the cooler weather and spent the better part of the day tucked up against me or, as she is now, curled up on my legs (she would surely be in my lap if I didn’t have this other pesky laptop in the way).  Either I am coming down with a cold or just having an allergy attack today. Even my great sneezes haven’t driven my sometimes high-strung feline away. Oh, well, she helps keep the electric bill down by providing me with free heat during this unexpected cold snap.

Someone else, of course, who provides heat–and light–and inspiration–to our lives is Richard Armitage and his wonderful ChaRActers.  Here’s Ricky, Guy, Lucas and Portah for your perusal.   I think I shall be turning in early tonight. Turning into what I am not sure–ba-da-ba-da-bing!! I get silly (OK, sillier) when tired and /or sick. 😉










One last post for a while . . . guess who?


OK, I do need to get some shut-eye. And Photoshop needs to rest. It’s on the cold side  here  this morning and I need to snuggle under the covers and warm my aching bones, muscles, ligaments, et al.  Thoughts of this fellow generally warm me up (see Sunday’s warm-up post).  I have some ideas for future posts generated by some of the comments made today–perhaps a poll, for one thing. Anyway, hope Monday morning/afternoon/evening go well for you all.

Note to Thorin: I miss you. About your voice . . .

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs.

Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Thorin,

I miss you. Seriously, I haven’t even formally met you–well, I guess the movie trailer was our introduction, wasn’t it?–and I miss you. But then, I miss your Creator, and we’ve never been introduced. He doesn’t know me from Adam, and likely never will, and yet Richard Armitage is a part of my daily life.

The thought of getting to see you on the big screen–and in 3-D, yet!–seeing those keen blue eyes with their penetrating gaze, that magnificent profile and those long locks with their very flattering streaks of silver and those enchanting little braids. Your wonderful, regal posture in the saddle and your fierceness in battle. The anticipation of it all makes me tingle.  And hearing that voice–that mellifluous instrument that is part and parcel of your arsenal of acting skills.

It honestly seems like an absolute travesty to dub your Creator’s voice. In fact, I have never cared for dubbing. I loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in its original Chinese and when I watched a dubbed version on television, it just wasn’t the same.

Your Creat0r has a very distinctive voice with a resonance and timbre not so easily imitated. I feel as if it is cheating worldwide audiences of the full effect of Mr. Armitage’s performance to dub someone else’s voice over his–over yours, the true voice of Thorin. After all, the Creator and his ChaRActer are part of one another.  And to separate that Voice from the ChaRActer seems like a sort of–sacrilege. Certainly a travesty.

I wish that everyone across the world could hear Thorin speak in the proper voice–the Creator’s voice, YOUR voice. I know that is not going to happen. Still, I can dream. Although the Creator is amazing at telegraphing so much without speaking a word, I believe viewers will only be able to appreciate the true magnificence of Thorin with image and voice intact.  Anyway, that’s how I feel.  Let’s hope everyone can obtain the DVDs of the films in the original with subtitles in their own language. People need to read more, anyway.

We hope to see you again very, very soon. You might want to hint a bit to our favorite director . . .

Your ardent admirer,