I seem to have turned into a cat bed . . .


Or a cat bolster or pillow or whatever. Callie has noticed the cooler weather and spent the better part of the day tucked up against me or, as she is now, curled up on my legs (she would surely be in my lap if I didn’t have this other pesky laptop in the way).  Either I am coming down with a cold or just having an allergy attack today. Even my great sneezes haven’t driven my sometimes high-strung feline away. Oh, well, she helps keep the electric bill down by providing me with free heat during this unexpected cold snap.

Someone else, of course, who provides heat–and light–and inspiration–to our lives is Richard Armitage and his wonderful ChaRActers.  Here’s Ricky, Guy, Lucas and Portah for your perusal.   I think I shall be turning in early tonight. Turning into what I am not sure–ba-da-ba-da-bing!! I get silly (OK, sillier) when tired and /or sick. 😉










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    • Do I recognize a fellow “Portah lovah”? Dreamt of him last night; expected to wake up with a gun in my hand, hanging onto the roll-bar of a Land Rover for dear life….

      • I dreamt of RA the night before last, but when I woke up I could not remember any of it except that it wasn’t anything remotely sexy. Just my luck. I suppose I should be happy that I had a dream featuring him at all. It was a first. 🙂 But what use is it if you can’t remember it. Ah well. Here’s to hoping he’ll visit me in another dream soon-ish!

      • I personally prefer to think of him still riding across the desert in the Land Rover, dusty, bruised but still full of fightin’ spirit instead of the ending they came up with–oh, he is SND, just remember, Ang, SOOO Not Dead.

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