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Porter hi-jinks for Hump Day


Sgt. John Porter of Strike Back. What a man. He can wield a weapon like nobody’s business and look damn good doing it. He can take on big mean prisoners and coming out on the winning side. Kids in danger? Here comes Porter to save the day. Hostage need rescuing?
Porter’s your man and he’ll kill every last one of the bastards before he’s done. He’s smart, he’s resourceful and when necessary, quite ruthless. And have we mentioned his flair for accessories?
But–wait. There’s more. He’s a loving daddy, a devoted friend and comrade with a tender, sweet side and, oh yeah–sexy as hell. What’s NOT to love about Portah??

Because, really–can you ever have too much Guy?


I’ve been doing some housekeeping re my Photoshop projects and moving the various characters into their own subfolders. I have close to 150 pieces done. And guess who dominates? Yep, Sir Guy. 47 with the Dark Knight compared to about 27 for Lucas and 17 for Portah and the other 50-plus are other characters and Richard himself. Of course, it’s not just that Guy is my favorite character; there happens to be more of him–37 eps versus 24 for Lucas and six hours for the sexy sergeant.
And then there’s the fact the Hot Velveteen Henchman just so darned—pretty. Sexy. Hot. Expressive. Alpha Male. Smouldering. *sigh*


Beautiful enigma: Lucas North


I fell for Lucas from the first moment I saw him, the hood being pulled from his disheveled dark head, clad in the grubby jumper and track pants, squinting, shambling forward, a little unsteady on his pins. I don’t think anything more beautiful came out of a car boot than Lucas–shockingly thin, the elegant planes of his face even more defined, the blue eyes wearing a haunted look. And that grin. Enigmatic and disarming. Gorgeous. All that before I discovered those amazing Russian prison tattoos on his thin yet muscular body. There was so much I wanted to know about this character–his upbringing, what led him to join MI5, his failed marriage to Elizaveta, those years in prison–and just what did all those tattoos mean?

I will always feel that Kudos and the scriptwriters squandered a wonderful opportunity to enlarge upon what we already knew of Lucas’s past and to create a fascinating and credible story of Lucas’s struggles as Richard’s time on the series wound down. However, it’s all water under the bridge and I prefer to remember the Lucas we got to know–as much as we could ever know this private, haunted man– in S7.

Poll: What would you most like to see RA improve his skills/techniques?


As we anticipate Richard’s career and the greater number of opportunities that most likely await him in the wake of The Hobbit, we have all discussed what’s next. We’ve talked about the sorts of roles we’d like to see RA appear in, movies versus television shows, remakes of favorites from the past, potential co-stars and so forth.

Now, for most of us here, Richard is one of the best–if not the best overall–actors we’ve ever experienced.  But (in spite of certain evidence to the contrary–those elfin ears, anyone?) he is only human, after all, and within Richard there is room for improvement and growth as an actor. He has always strived to move “from strength to strength” and I don’t think that will change. So, here is a poll over some possible areas in which we might say RA has room for improvement.  Perhaps you have another suggestion; perhaps you think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” BTW, the choices are based on comments I have heard at various times and do not necessarily coincide with the views of the management.



Guy fards the fard soooo well: TAE Word for the Day


Here is a word that was brand-new to me, but it seemed just perfect for our smouldering henchman.

Fard: (verb) to apply cosmetics; (noun) facial cosmetics.  Fard comes from the old Low Franconian word farwidon which means “to dye or color.”

In the Old French it became farder meaning “to apply makeup.”

Sir Guy: have any other males wearing as much makeup as he, ever been so damned masculine and sexy? Methinks not. Not just the Guyliner; Ye Olde Medieval Mascara, Brow Pencil and Guyshadow all enhanced his beautiful peepers (there is also a rumor he dyed his hair and designer stubble to increase his bad boy appeal, but I can neither confirm or deny that . . .).

Sir Guy’s fard, which he fards so well makes him even more smouldering and irresistible for me.

Sir Guy, returning in splendour from Prince John's Red Door Salon and Spa, sported lustrous locks and his usual flattering fard. Yummmm!

Sir Guy, don't you know you should never sleep in your fard?

Sir Guy showing off his fard before giving us some Glove Love.

Good Tuesday Morning from RA & his ChaRActers


Richard and his wonderful collection of beautiful, intriguing, complex, brooding and delicious chaRActers hope your Tuesday is going well.  It’s chilly here–in the upper 30s– and I have a couple of posts cooking in the old noodle for today, I have a cute calico cat cuddled against my side and I am about to enjoy some brekkie.  Mr. Armitage is certainly lovely to look at, isn’t he?