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Finally! At long last . . .

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I’ve posted another chapter of my novel-in-progress, The Lady & the Panther.  I really feel quite chagrined it’s been as long as it has been (February, I do believe) since my last chapter.


As most of y’all know, I have some chronic health issues and a number of them decided to assault me all at once.



As Leigh and I have discussed, if a certain percentage of my body and brain aren’t working properly, it’s very hard to settle down and focus on my writing and be really satisfied with what I am producing. Because I do want to publish this as a novel and not a piece of fan fiction, I am trying extra hard this time around.


I’ve always put a pretty fair amount of myself into my writing–that’s my modus operandi– but now it’s more important than ever. With a period story, getting the setting right–the clothing, the language (within reason. A modern audience must be able to digest it), the manners, the occupations, the forms of entertainment–is very important.  Let’s say I would like it to be a bit more authentic than the average episode of Robin Hood 2006.


I have a stack of reference books and more research from online. One of the things I always enjoyed about my newspaper and magazine articles was the opportunity to learn as I wrote. There is a saying, “You teach, you learn,” and that was certainly true in my case. And it’s also true for writers of all types.


I also have a real need–a thirst– to be creative. Being able to work on fanvids and now, fanart (thank you, my darling husband, for getting me into Photoshop Elements) has been a great help to me.  I like to think I have an artistic eye. Learning, slowly but surely, how to use modern technology in conjunction with it has had a real–I don’t know–liberating effect on me, for want of a better word.


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I see new possibilities and I see that this old dog can, in fact, learn new tricks.  As I have said before, I have always been somewhat intimidated by computers. Now–dare I say?–they are becoming my friends and not my enemy.  I have a blog. I just established a Twitter account (#angieklong) and now I am cross-posting new entries to The Armitage Effect and my Live Journal blog in tweets.


I resisted Twitter for a long time because I was turned off by celebrities and wanna-bes who seemed to feel the need to report every time they stopped in at Starbuck’s or took a crap. That wasn’t for me. However, I see a lot of people who are kindred spirits on Twitter these days (alas, no Richard Armitage, but then, when would he have time??) and I decided I was ready to take yet another step.


Thank you all for joining me on my journey.  One of the best things that has happened to me in terms of modern technology and Mr. Richard Armitage is, of course, discovering all of you.


Well, there you go.

Sir Guy in his Dark Night of the Soul: Those Amazing Images


I have expressed my admiration on other occasions for the lighting and camera work in Robin Hood’s third series. We got some breathtaking images of Richard as Sir Guy. Oh, he was gorgeous throughout the show, but it reached a whole new level in S3. The story arc had a sort of operatic grandeur with Richard as our tragic anti-hero, and he looked every inch the part.

The Meg episode with Guy imprisoned by his sister and resigned to his fate, only to be challenged by this spirited young woman and forced to face his demons, featured some of the most striking lighting of the series. Mr. Armitage is a living, breathing work of art and this was so beautifully captured on film; not only his physical beauty, but his ability to express so much with his eyes and his body language. I could not fail to be inspired by these screencaptures as a basis for fan art.

Mr. Sunshine: the delightful Harry Jasper Kennedy


And then there’s Harry Kennedy, very possibly the world’s most adorable and sexy accountant. Tall, lanky Harry with his floppy hair, his cozy jumpers, those little reading glasses and stacks and stacks of books–he can’t get enough of ’em. A little shy and yet a bit flirtatious, too, with a smile that transforms the darkest day into a sunny one, Harry is surely Richard’s most genial character. He loves his vicar and he’s determined to make her his own, in spite of the extremely eccentric denizens of Dibley. Sum up Harry in one word? Adorable.

A little romance courtesy of John and Margaret


In the mood for some hearts and flowers, my darlings? Well, here you go. Nobody is more swoon-worthy than our dear Mr. Thornton. Oh, what he says with those eyes, and that smile and those beautiful hands . . . sometimes actions do speak louder, far louder than words.

Fedoralady is feelin’ frisky and so, it seems, are the lads


So, I ‘ve been thinking of Truce since Leigh mentioned it and of the love scenes in it and–well, feeling–frisky. Yes, very frisky.  And playful.

So let’s re-visit some of my fun n’ sexy vids and the lads talking about just how sexy they are. I get amused thinking about this because their Creator is so modest and self-effacing and scratches his lovely head over the very idea of being a sex symbol.  Which only makes him even more appealing, of course.