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Last call for Sir Guy . . .


As Guyday Friday draws to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the feast of Guyart and vids with a lovely weekend to come. Tomorrow night I will be going to the final performance of our Greenville Area Arts Council fundraiser. Keep your fingers crossed I can sit through it without too much discomfort. My tailbone has been cranky lately.


Apparently people have been asking about me all week at rehearsals and performances and Benny says I’m going tomorrow night “even if I’m dead” He’s tired of hearing it all LOL. Apparently I have been missed. 😉 Actually I am looking forward to it. It’s fun to see our local talents (several of whom are friends and former co-workers) singing, dancing, playing in the show band and hamming it up on stage. BTW, that final piece of art references the wonderful comedy classic I Love Lucy and a phrase poor Ricky Ricardo used to use when his crazy wife was up to her shenanigans. 😉

Publicity photo of the I Love Lucy cast: Willi...

Publicity photo of the I Love Lucy cast: William Frawley (Fred Mertz), Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo), Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz), Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guyday Friday: A versatile subject


One of the many things I appreciate about Sir Guy is the broad array of options I have when writing, vidding, or creating art about this character and Robin Hood. I can be angsty, I can wax poetic, I can get very, very steamy and I can be splendidly silly (come to think of it, I believe I was all of the above when I wrote Dangerous to Know . . . 😉 you’ve seen a little bit of everything in my Guyart today and I hope you have enjoyed it. Really, he’s such a wonderful subject with which to work.

Sir Guy: A man in love


Sir Guy and Marian. OK, yes, he started off looking at her as a good catch–she was the daughter of the old sheriff, high-born, well respected; she was pretty and she had always been linked with Robin of Locksley. Marian could be one more thing Guy could take away from his hated enemy.


And then–he went and fell in love. Even after she rejected him at the altar and he told himself to forget her, that she meant nothing to him–he still cared. Still wanted to protect her no matter how much potential danger it caused for him. Still wanted her as his lover, his wife, the one he would have a home and family with.  He truly had no one; he pinned all his hopes and dreams on Marian returning his love. *sigh*


I still think it could have been a very compelling storyline if Guy and Marian had married, putting Marian in the position of divided loyalties between Robin, her childhood sweetheart and a wanted outlaw and Guy, the husband and sheriff’s lieutenant with whom she found herself falling in love in spite of herself. Robin, pressuring her to still be his spy, and Guy, expecting her absolute loyalty; both men, jealous of the other’s claim on Marian’s heart. 








Guyday Friday: Some Like it Hot


Next to John Porter, surely Sir Guy is the ChaRActer who emits the most heat. Here is some artwork featuring the Hot Henchman and videos to set your toes tapping and your heart going pitter-patter. Hope your Friday is going well!!






Noshable Armitage: TAE Word of the Day


I have actually used today’s word in reference to Mr. Armitage more than once.

Nosh: (verb) to snack or eat between meals; to snack on. (noun)  a snack.

Nosh stems from the Yiddish word nashn which came from the German word meaning “to nibble.” It entered English in the 1950s.

Naturally, this being Guyday Friday, I would choose artwork featuring our favorite hot henchman  to illustrate. I often find I want to nosh on that tempting long swan-like neck of Guy’s. I also think that laryngeal prominence I admire so much would make a great nosh. After all, it is called an Adam’s-apple, isn’t it?  😉

It’s Guyday Friday! Guyart Galore!


Guyday Friday–perhaps the most anticipated day of the week here at The Armitage Effect.  Sir Guy does something to us, doesn’t he, with those kohl-rimmed eyes, sometimes blazing blue, sometimes darkened with fury or with desire; other times, a forbidding wintry grey, or soft and luminous with tenderness,  or wide and pleading.


Those tempting lips with their delicate Cupid’s-bow, all the sexy, knowing smirks and the all-too-rare genuine smles that make him look like our dark angel.  The stubble defining the masculine jaw and elegant planes of his face, a face with a noble profile–the profile of a king.

The raven hair with its touch of red that begs to have an admirer run her fingers through it.  That long, white column of throat that tempts so many, the breadth of those shoulders. the sculpted arms, those amazing chesticles, strong horseman’s thighs, the way he slinks down a castle corridor or sits in a saddle—it’s all so very, very good, isn’t it? Little wonder we are besotted. I was up for 24 hours straight (not that I planned it that way) and thus a marathon of Photoshopping with RA. Lots of Guy and more to come on this Guyday Friday.