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Because an RA fan does not thud by Guy alone.

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  1. I’ve been needing a Lucas fix so have started watching S7 again. Breaks my heart every time, seeing him yearning and trying so hard to be a part of the team again, because the Grid is all he has. I would love to have seen he and Elizaveta try to rebuild their relationship. A wasted opportunity *sigh* all water under the bridge now, I know. Spooks was never reknowned for really delving into the lives of the team members.

    • I’m guessing it shot Richard’s back-story that he always seems to create all to pieces!! At least Nicola felt sorry for him having to change all that in S9 even if Peter Firth didn’t seem to. S7 was my all time favourite and I pulled it out and watched it all over a couple of days quite recently. The scenes with Lucas and Elizaveta always tugged at my heart as you could see how he felt about her still. How the writers could come up with Maya is beyond me, but as you say Mezz it’s “all water under the bridge,” sad to say!! 😦

      • Thank goodness many alternate and better stories are being written by fans. Peter Firth–he knew Harry was the only one who would likely come out alive, and that was pretty close to the truth, from what I’ve heard. Sorry, but Ruth died for no good reason if it was to save Harry in my opinion. Not a big fan of Mr. Pearce. Lucas so clearly still carried a torch for his ex-wife, which made it even more ridiculous when out of the blue this Maya comes into the picture as the “great love of his life.”
        Those guys basically tossed out everything established in S7 and to some degree in S8.

      • I wonder how the scriptwriters came up with Maya AND the Sarah C.storyline before that for that matter! Lucas was supposed to have fallen in love with Sarah, right? Nah, all nonsense. I agree with you, Angie. RA’s talent was wasted on the show.

    • Yeah, I have to say Spooks was often more style and “potential disaster of the week” over substance in terms of character development re personal lives.
      “Tell me what you want me to do, Harry . . .” I can just see Lucas in that washroom, the disheveled hair, the drops of water still on his face, those blue eyes so wide and earnest and wanting to belong again. I know some Spooks fans are going to hate me for saying this, but in some ways I think Richard’s taelnt was ultimately wasted on that show. Oh, yes, his performance was great, it was fantastic, and I will always cherish Lucas, but he could have done so much more with that character.

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