It’s Guyday Friday! Guyart Galore!


Guyday Friday–perhaps the most anticipated day of the week here at The Armitage Effect.  Sir Guy does something to us, doesn’t he, with those kohl-rimmed eyes, sometimes blazing blue, sometimes darkened with fury or with desire; other times, a forbidding wintry grey, or soft and luminous with tenderness,  or wide and pleading.


Those tempting lips with their delicate Cupid’s-bow, all the sexy, knowing smirks and the all-too-rare genuine smles that make him look like our dark angel.  The stubble defining the masculine jaw and elegant planes of his face, a face with a noble profile–the profile of a king.

The raven hair with its touch of red that begs to have an admirer run her fingers through it.  That long, white column of throat that tempts so many, the breadth of those shoulders. the sculpted arms, those amazing chesticles, strong horseman’s thighs, the way he slinks down a castle corridor or sits in a saddle—it’s all so very, very good, isn’t it? Little wonder we are besotted. I was up for 24 hours straight (not that I planned it that way) and thus a marathon of Photoshopping with RA. Lots of Guy and more to come on this Guyday Friday.











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  1. My favourite pic in this post is the 3rd one *blush*.. Angie, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get any sleep for 24 hours! Was it due to allergies or the ISB or your tailbone pain? I hope you’re feeling better!

      • Guy muddles all our brains Judit – especially when he isn’t wearing a shirt!! 😀 No need to apologize! 🙂

        Hope you manage to get a really good rest Angie so that your batteries are recharged! Mind you with all the “energy” that Guy radiates he “recharges” us constantly!!! 😉 😉 **swoon**

    • Mainly the allergies–eyes and ears itching madly–and tailbone pain and generally achiness. I stretched out this afternoon but I didn’t sleep much. At least I rested my eyes, so that’s a plus. Maybe I will have better luck tonight. 😀

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