Noshable Armitage: TAE Word of the Day


I have actually used today’s word in reference to Mr. Armitage more than once.

Nosh: (verb) to snack or eat between meals; to snack on. (noun)  a snack.

Nosh stems from the Yiddish word nashn which came from the German word meaning “to nibble.” It entered English in the 1950s.

Naturally, this being Guyday Friday, I would choose artwork featuring our favorite hot henchman  to illustrate. I often find I want to nosh on that tempting long swan-like neck of Guy’s. I also think that laryngeal prominence I admire so much would make a great nosh. After all, it is called an Adam’s-apple, isn’t it?  😉

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  1. Then of course, in German we have the word “Naschkatze” – a person who loves to nibble. “Naschen” is the German version of “nashn”, Yiddish being based in part on Middle German. 😀

  2. I actually came across this word for the first time here on your very educational and infinitely entertaining blog, Angie! 🙂

  3. And such a beautiful neck it is and in the above picture we see it in all its glory!! Yuuummm!! We could feast our eyes on it all day!! 😀

  4. He is very noshable. However, I enjoy seeing HIM nosh on a snack, like an apple or a biscuit or a donut…mmmm, yummy!

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