Sir Guy: A man in love


Sir Guy and Marian. OK, yes, he started off looking at her as a good catch–she was the daughter of the old sheriff, high-born, well respected; she was pretty and she had always been linked with Robin of Locksley. Marian could be one more thing Guy could take away from his hated enemy.


And then–he went and fell in love. Even after she rejected him at the altar and he told himself to forget her, that she meant nothing to him–he still cared. Still wanted to protect her no matter how much potential danger it caused for him. Still wanted her as his lover, his wife, the one he would have a home and family with.  He truly had no one; he pinned all his hopes and dreams on Marian returning his love. *sigh*


I still think it could have been a very compelling storyline if Guy and Marian had married, putting Marian in the position of divided loyalties between Robin, her childhood sweetheart and a wanted outlaw and Guy, the husband and sheriff’s lieutenant with whom she found herself falling in love in spite of herself. Robin, pressuring her to still be his spy, and Guy, expecting her absolute loyalty; both men, jealous of the other’s claim on Marian’s heart. 








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  1. I know there are plenty of G/M shippers out there, but unless I go all AU before the end of S2, it looks like Guy is obsessed with a manipulative and willful young woman with her own agenda. Marian may be “stirred”, but is that all she feels? Obsession, manipulation, and lies aren’t a good basis for a marriage, but it would not be the first time they’ve made for interesting drama.

    • I know, Leigh. I want to smack Marion!!! She’s so mean to him! He’s trying hard to be a nice guy to her and she’s lying and scheming the whole time!!

      • I hated the way the Marian treated him, but I loved the chemistry between Lucy and Richard. They looked great on screen together. That’s why I had to write an AU with Marian having more common sense and also coming to realize just how much she has hurt Guy. She actually does feel guilty–and enjoys fireside “chats” with Guy on a regular basis. And realizes that Robin is the gloryhog git we all knew he was and tells him where to get off. 😉 There was an awful lot of manipulation going on–the sheriff manipulating Guy, Marian manipulating Guy, Robin manipulating Marian . . . so, yeah, I have to give Marian a makeover in my fiction. 😉

  2. Oh these videos has me in the mood for some Guy. All those love-gazes and the “please love me” looks…..I can’t resist loving me some guy.

  3. I love that “Marry me and live” picture! 🙂 How does he manage to put such pathos into that look?? Add to that the dark and manly stubble and I’m sure I couldn’t have refused such a plea!! I’d be falling over myself to accept!! 😀

    I’m always transfixed by the way he can reveal his feelings with only his eyes! Quite heart-stopping!!!

  4. I started off being a G/M shipper, and I enjoy fanfic/vids about the two of them together, but as time goes on I get more frustrated with the way Marian treats Guy. And it’s not like the situation is ever going to change with repeated viewings of RH! 😦
    That’s why I enjoyed reading The Tempest so much. Cassia sees Marian in a less idealistic light and she is much more worthy of Guy’s love.

    • I wrote Dangerous to Know as my first long fanfic, and that’s been over three years ago. Now, I don’t know that I would be inspired to write a G/M fic.
      I actually thought Allan and Guy made a better couple overall LOL Allan had a pragmatism that made him more down-to-earth, he wasn’t addled by adoration of a (less than) Good King Richard and he understood how it is to struggle in life. You want to see Guy with someone like Cassia who truly appreciates him and returns his feelings.

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