A mixed bag of Guy, Lucas and Portah (with some Deeming on the side)




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  1. Whooaaaa, angie! I head off for a night’s sleep and wake up to all these posts, you must be feeling very inspired! 🙂
    Lots of gorgeous Porter too I see, yummm! Now to work my way through them. 🙂
    Oh yes, Lucas certainly sets my heartstrings zinging, and now I’m watching S7 for the umpteenth time, I can’t wait to see “Pete” again!

  2. Well, It’s 10 pm in Virginia, and in a short while I’ll get to head off to dreamland with my head full of our beautiful Richard in all his many incarnations!! Mmmmmmm, he’s delicious!! Thanks Angie for all of the wonderful posts today!!!

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