Armitage as ministering angel and humble hero


More John Porter. Can anyone of us forget those moments when he introduced himself to Katie, checking her injuries and doing his best to console and encourage her. “Trust me.”  And she did. And we did. Don’t we all have moments in life when we wish a John Porter would show up and console and encourage us? And then there’s that lovely “aw-shucks” moment when Porter gets the approval of the nun, who now realizes he truly is “a good man sent by God.” Love his smile here.  Love John Porter. My hero.

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  1. You’ve done it yet again Angie!! I’m more and more convinced that you must be “psychic” or perhaps it’s a case of “great minds think alike”!! Actually I like the latter explanation! 😉 My brain was feeling fried last night after finally completing my Income Tax return (at the last minute as per usual!!) and I felt the need to unwind and who better to do it with than the lovely John Porter, a wonderful consoler in times of stress! 🙂 Which scenes do I watch? The ones where John gets himself captured by Hakim’s men, finds and rescues Katie and is finally reunited with him beloved daughter of course – some of which you have shown in this post and your previous one!! Earlier in the day I watched some scenes from Ep 4 with the great interactions between himself, the nun and Masuku. As in other roles he plays Richard IS John Porter – not merely an actor playing a part.

    There is something special about seeing him as a loving Dad in various productions, especially in SB. I can only hope and pray that one day, in the not too distant future, he will have a child of his own to love and cherish.

    • He really, really does. He makes you believe he’s both the guy who will kill every last one of these bastards and the one who will tenderly care for a hostage or cuddle with his young daughter to console her.

  2. These last two posts are right on the money. Richard can be sooo sweet. He’s so sure of his masculinity, that he can be caring and tender to women and children without seeming shy or embarrassed. And he is so much more sexy because of it!

    • I’ve always believed that a truly strong and self-secure man is able to show tenderness and vulnerability. I’ve seen my husband cry over the loss of our pets and certainly didn’t think one whit less of him for it. I love him all the more for it. He does the vet checks on them and he is so gentle and loving. Actually, if he had been so inclined, he would have made a great vet. Richard’s sweet, gentlemanly nature is just irresistible.

  3. The scenes with Porter and Katie are just beautiful, so tender and full of emotion. Is there any fanfic that continues their story?

  4. There’s a particular gesture with Katie that makes me melt every time: when they throw him in the same room as her, even though his hands are tied behind his back, he goes to her side and offers her his chest for her to rest on it… At that moment I fall more and more in love with him every single time…

    • I know what you mean. Here he is, himself bound and in a perilous situation, but he is going to do his best to comfort and encourage Katie and don’t you know she felt infinitely better in the middle of that nightmare to have this big, strapping man with the deep, gentle voice to literally lean on? Richard gave us such a compelling hero in dear John Porter.

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