Sexy Lucas . . .


Need I say more? Look at the evidence . . .


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    • What I would give to get close enough to check the sizing labels of both men’s wardrobe to find out. Just for research purposes, you understand? 😉

      • In that first pic where he’s leaning against the sink, the jeans gaped quite a bit at the back, when the camera shot him from behind, definitely too big. Wardrobe decision? Or Richard’s, because of his attention to detail?

        • I’d guess it was Richard’s decision. He lives and breathes the details. If wardrobe tried to put him in jeans that fit, I think he would have raised the objection that it wasn’t realistic. Whether they were meant to have been borrowed or quickly acquired using his old sizes or pulled out of a box of his stuff from before he was captured, the effect would be the same. You see a man seriously gaunt and malnourished, in clothing that isn’t really his own anymore, if it ever was.

            • Yes, I can. For an intelligent and dedicated actor to have to deal with the dreck that was S9, it must have been a nightmare. I’m guessing he probably went for a run often enough that he went through several pairs of trainers.

              • Lots of running, throwing scripts at walls, some creative swearing . . . the things a hard-working actor is driven to do when the scriptwriters decide to toss everything plus the kitchen sink into the script.

              • I do hope he went for lots of runs rather than smoking 2 packets of cigarettes per day due to the frustration! 🙂

              • I honestly don’t think he could have kept up his hectic work schedule and the high level of fitness shows like RH, Spooks and SB required and indulge a heavy smoking habit, too. I mean, you can do that sort of thing for a while, kind of like burning the candle at both ends, but at some point your body rebels and you end up having a coronary. Thinking of dancer/choreographer Bob Fosse.

              • Yes, you’re right… He wouldn’t have been able to stay as fit as he clearly was for those roles had he been smoking heavily. Hope even if he still smokes it’s just an occasional fag, maybe one or two a day…

          • Your last sentence highlights the poignancy of Lucas’s situation. The clothing doesn’t fit, even if it was his, and nor does he after eight years.

            • He’s a man who wants to come home, who has physically returned to England, but he still isn’t truly “home,” is he? As he points out, if he doesn’t have MI5’s trust, if they won’t let him in he isn’t home, he’s just back in England. Yes, tremendous poignancy there. It’s heartbreaking.

              • I loved Adam for standing up for Lucas! He immediately grasped Lucas’ situation and explained it so well to Harry who was frankly being a bit thick- not a character blessed with the ability to sympathize.was he?

              • Frankly, a lot of people–Ros, Lucas, Adam, to name a few–in MI5 seemed to be much more aware of what was going on with team members whilst Thick Harry sat around sipping whisky and thinking up clever quips. Have I mentioned I am not mad keen on Harry?

              • I’ve been re-watching some season 8 episodes and for some reason I find Harry much more irritating than I did upon first viewing. I quite simply think he’s a pompous a**. Sarah Caulfield’s accent also bugs me much more now that we’ve discussed at length here how bad it was. Maybe because I’m paying more attention to it! I especially hate the way she says “honey” to Lucas! YUKKKKK!!! I love Ros, Tariq and Ruth though. I’m definitely not going to watch season 10 because I know both Tariq and Ruth get killed in it,so, thanks, but no thanks, Spooks writers!

              • Yeah, they managed to kill off all the people I liked on the show and let the old crank live. 😦 I hated the way Sarah said “honey.” We say honey and darling and sweetheart a lot in the south, but in a very different way. She sounds snide and condescending when she uses the term.

      • Erm, Vicki, you can check RPJ’s wardrobe and I’ll have a look at RA’s! Deal? 🙂 I’ve always thought Adam must have lent Lucas his own jeans, because they’re roughly the same height but obviously Lucas being malnourished the jeans didn’t fit him around the waist area…

  1. Just watched S9 episode 4. When he was being good guy spy, it was good. But when Lucas was being John the traitor, it made me a little sick. Still, Richard is wonderful and sooo sexy!

  2. I’d really like to see a manip of the second photo without Maya. I’m surprised there hasn’t been one yet, since there’s a few of Guy without the Sheriff.

    • Yes, Lucas minus Maya would be very good indeed. The poor man has suffered enough after having that awful nightmare throughout series 9.

    • Karima has done those wonderful Guy manips with Sherry removed; I don’t think I have ever seen a Lucas photo done by her. I will see what I can do, maybe with the clone stamp tool to remove Miss Rouass.

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