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The 500th post: Of course, it is Guy.


He IS a wanted man, after all.  As he’d be happy to tell you with one of those lop-sided grins and knowing eyes.  Thanks  again to everyone for hanging in there while my internet service was down.  500 posts–another milestone. Wow.






The Hobbit & a few other tidbits from Vegas, baby


     Richard and his fellow actors being shot in front of the green screen.

Monday night we had our Photoshop Elements class and our instructor Michael shared some of the details of his week in Las Vegas at Movie.Con.

Not surprisingly, my ears perked up at the mention of new technology shared, specifically mention of The HobbitLike many others, Michael was not sold on the new 48 fps technology–“almost too perfect-looking”–but he also stressed Sir Peter and his crew are still “working on it” so he is waiting to pass final judgement until he sees the entire film. Smart move.

He was also amazed at the extensive use of green screen in many movies today. “I saw these scenes [in The Hobbit] shot in this beautiful building, and then I realized–the building didn’t exist. All these little computer geeks were hard at work creating those images on computer with the actors shot against green screen.”  Of course, having seen the video blog entries by Sir Peter, we were already aware of the use of green screen in TH. And we also know there will be loads of beautiful NZ scenery to appreciate as well.

  Some of that lovely location scenery in New Zealand.

And Benny reminded me I had been shot on green screen for last year’s Puttin’ on the Ritz production as a faux news anchor.  Oh, yes–I am very in the know. LOL

Just a few other comments re the week:

Michael estimated some 25-30 well-known actors and actresses were present for the event. Charlize Theron was given a special decade award by NATO (this threw us until he explained that stood for National Association of Theater Owners) and she is, he says, “even more gorgeous in the flesh than on screen, if you can believe it.”  He described her as very witty and charming and quick with the clever quips.

Sometimes life is so unfair, isn’t it?

Charlize Theron strikes a red-carpet pose at t...

Charlize Theron strikes a red-carpet pose at the 82nd Academy Awards, March 7, in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael also pointed out that a lot of Hollywood actors are really–short in person. “Sylvester Stallone? You should have seen him at the podium. The guy’s practically a midget!! Jeremy Renner was there–on the short side, too. Tom Cruise–yeah, I saw him a few years ago and he is–tiny. Remember The Last Samurai? There’s a tracking shot where he’s actually walking on these boxes, plus the angle of the camera makes the man walking next to him seem much shorter than he is . . .”

I thought of Richard, and how he always wanted to be a few inches shorter “because most actors aren’t that tall.”  Personally, I love every six feet and two inches of him.

Michael also mentioned his excitement over a new sound system by Dolby that was displayed at the convention. “You know Surround Sound and  being encircled by speakers? Well, this adds speakers overhead. So if a helicopter is flying into the shot on screen, it will sound as if it is coming in over your head.” He said it would be next year before the technology would be available to theaters but The Edge is planning to retrofit at least two of its eight screens to accomodate it.

And now, for some Richard Armitage.

I’m baa-aack! and I brought the boys . . .


Yes, at long last the Centurytel techs found the right cables to replace in order to get our connection  working again out here in the boonies. It went out Sunday night at some point between 4 and 8 p.m. and it’s been a long stretch without it.  I have loads of emails, lots of catching up to do on comments. I glanced over a few of them and let me assure you all I missed you just as much as you may have missed me. You’ve become an important part of my life over the last three months.

If they hadn’t gotten the cable repaired by early this afternoon, I was seriously thinking of heading to town later to borrow Benny’s work wi-fi and an empty office space and try to “reach out and touch someone” as the old telephone company commercial jingle said.  With the price of gasoline and my back still troubling me from Monday night’s excursion to the Photoshop class (had one of those long, sleepless nights after that), I am so very glad to see all those connection bars without a big red “x” over them.   Well, that and the simple fact I was going slightly nuts without my email and Internet.

I’ve done a lot more playing with Photoshop, trying a few new things with mixed results. I am wondering if I may have to switch to  having the mouse in my left hand for more precise use of some of the editing tools.  In the meantime, here’s  some of my newest stuff.  My gosh, but that Richard Armitage is a fine-looking man!