Intensity courtesy of Mr. Armitage


Richard Armitage does “intense” well. Whether it’s playing the passionate lover, or the tough soldier who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, the henchman plotting the downfall of his mortal enemy or the spy troubled by memories of what might have been, he makes us believe.  He truly seems to feel all the emotions–anger, desire, frustration, rage, sadness, yearning, melancholy–as he brings the characters to such vivid life. Even when it’s sometimes painful, we cannot seem to look away.  He captivates us . . .




As requested by anonymous–the original screencap for first piece of fanart.

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I really love all these images with your PhotoShop extras, Angie, but would you mind putting up the 1st image of Porter and Dannie in the dream sequence as you originally screened-capped it. please? I like the angle of the shot 🙂 😉

      • Thanks but don’t worry about it if it will take too much time.

        I really should have a go at screen-capping myself, shouldn’t I? Mezz told me to download VLC media player as it has a screen-capping facility that is easy to use, even for total novices like me!!!

        I might have a go tomorrow if I’m feeling less muddle-headed than I am right now!!

        🙂 😉

          • Thank you so much. I didn’t actually look at the pics the second time I visited this post – silly me!!!

            • Hi kathryngaul, I haven’t seen you on TAE for a long time, I was beginning to worry about you! Hope you are well! 🙂

              • Hi Judit. I’m OK, thanks – you were worrying about me? Awww, that’s so sweet. 🙂

                A few times lately, I’ve had trouble logging into WordPress since they’ve changed how we do it and I’ve come up as “Anonymous”. See the first comment on this post post – that was me!

                And, some days, I haven’t left a comment as I’ve so often been feeling even more “woolly-headed” than usual!!! Not to worry. Maybe once I get this thyroid medication worked out properly????? 🙂 😉

              • @kathryngaul: yes, because you mentioned you had a thyroid problem so I was wondering if that kept you away from TAE! 🙂 I’m afraid I’m a bit like my mum in that respect, I constantly find something or someone to worry about. 🙂

              • Hi Judit. In a way, you’re right – the good old under-active thyroid is still knocking me around quite a bit. I had to return to the doctor for a follow-up from the initial blood test 2 weeks ago. She said my thyroid problem was even worse than she had thought so she doubled my medication. I have to have another blood test in 4-5 weeks’ time to see if we have the dosage right this time.

                In the meantime, I’m taking it easy, reading the blogs and ogling Richard as usual but not always commenting if I’m feeling especially woolly-headed, just in case I make even more boo-boos than I usually do!!

                Thank you for your concern, 🙂 😉

              • I believe Richard said he read Ledger’s bio at some point. I like to think RA is mature enough and stable enough that he won’t let himself be too deeply sucked into a dark role in that way. And thank goodness he doesn’t appear to have any substance abuse issues.

              • Good luck with your thyroid Kathryngaul! It’s no fun to have thyroid problems. Especially the wait to see if the medication is correct. I took my Dr. 2 years of tinkering with my meds to get it right.

              • It was a loooong 2 years. Every couple of months he would add some. We’d get it right for about 3 months, then I’d go loopy again!

              • It is very frustrating sometimes trying to get medications sorted out properly in terms of dosages and the most helpful meds.

  2. Oh boy, Richard creates a helluva lot of heat in that dream sequence. Porter is almost unbearably, mouthwateringly sexy. 😉

  3. Yes, so intense, so passionate, so delicious! Could one say we are “pret a Porter”? (my accent thingy doesn’t work here.)

    • Laurie, that’s a very good question. Maybe he’s all “sedate” in real life? And that’s why he says he’s “boring”?

      • LOL I have to laugh. I just went in to chat with my husband, and he is working on videos from the arts council show. I told him I had been playing with some of the Photoshop tools with varying results. He grinned and said, “Boy, those Longs really know how to have a rip-roarin’ Friday night! You’ve been doing Photoshop and I have been working with Premiere.” I laughed and said, “Hey, well, the Adobe people should be happy with us. We are both using their programs.” 😉

    • I would think he has to try to find some balance or it could be really unhealthy for him emotionally. We know that playing Guy for three years began to take a toll on him (and the toll it took on our hearts and libidos!) He’s said he has a filthy temper at times and his own darker side, and I think he’s able to channel a lot of that through his darker characters. But you need some sweetness and light now and again, some Harry Kennedy to go with angsty brooders like Guy and Lucas.

      • I agree completely. There was a psych study done in the late 1980s where subjects were asked to copy facial expressions that corresponded to emotional states, and most of them induced the emotions by forming the expressions. Just think how hard this could hit an actor or actress, for whom facial expression and emotional range are tools they use in their work. Achieving balance would be critical.

        • I know that! When I’m faced with a bunch of cranky kindergartners, I put on a song called the “Giggle Wiggle”. They have the kids giggle (and wiggle). At first it’s forced but soon everyone’s laughing and the mood changes! It works on me as well. I can have a tremendous temper, too! And sometimes, some of those kids can do some really scary things especially to each other!! (My school is in a pretty rough part of town 😦 ) Just this week I’ve had a kid poke a kid in the head with a pencil, a kid throw a pencil at another kid, a kid throw a kid to the ground on the playground and break his collar bone, and several girls bullying a couple of kids something awful. And that doesn’t take into consideration the kids that refuse to do work, or clean up, or come to the carpet when called! (This has been an especially difficult year!)

          So I can imagine what it’s like to have to be cranky a lot of the time! And the King Under the Mountain is a cranky guy, too!! Poor Richard! Maybe I should send him a copy of the “Giggle Wiggle”!

          On another note, it’s so nice to come back home to RA and TAE!! Thanks for that!!

          • Children can be so cruel to one another, it’s amazing that some of them survive to become functional adults. Kindergarten in rough neighborhoods is especially difficult because few of the children have developed sociocultural inhibitions about doing damage to one another, let alone the communications skills they need.
            Yeah, send Richard a copy of the “Giggle Wiggle” with the explanation of what it’s for — it can’t do any harm and it might do some good.

          • Glad to have you here, of course. I know teaching can be very stressful and often the children’s home life doesn’t help. If parents aren’t motivated to discipline their children, encourage good behavior and the importance of education, it makes it all the more difficult for the teacher. Hang in there, Laurie!! 😀

            • Thanks…I was blowing off steam…sorry everyone! I would love to see RA do the “Giggle Wiggle”! Seriously, I hope those other actors help Richard to giggle and let off some steam!! It’s got to be hard being so angry for much of the time!

              • Laurie, have you heard of the children’s music group “The Wiggles”? 🙂 They were very popular with the kids when I was working in the UK as an au-pair. I believe they’re Aussies. Your job sounds very, very tough so no wonder you have to blow off steam every now and then! I don’t think people realize what an extremely difficult job teaching is. I only taught for 6 months as a part of my university course but it was exhausting! I was spent at the end of each day, mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted.
                I watched some interviews with Martin Freeman recently and he seems to be a genuinely funny guy so hopefully he makes Richard giggle a lot! 🙂

              • Martin seems a very nice and fun guy to be around. I do think he will make a wonderful Bilbo and I look forward to his scenes with Richard as Thorin. And yes, I hope for some giggles that we get to enjoy in outtake moments. You know, Sir Peter said there would definitely be more humor in TH than in TLOTR. I can’t imagine there would be so many comical-looking dwarfs if that was not the case.

              • No need to apologize Laurie! We all need to vent sometimes! As a former teacher of children ranging from 5 to 12 year olds I know where you are coming from.
                If the Impressionists’ outtakes is any indication, Richard is a giggler, so I hope there are plenty of opportunities for him and the rest of the cast to have a good laugh. AND that we see some examples on the DVD extras! 🙂
                Judit, The Wiggles are Aussies. I’m not really familiar with them as they weren’t around when my son was a child, but they are very popular worldwide, so they must be doing something right!

        • @Leigh: Those are scary thoughts. Poor Heath Ledger comes to mind. He was so immersed in playing Joker— I’m sure he was a troubled soul anyway but that role must have affected his psyche badly…May God rest his soul. 😦

          • Judit, it was hard for me to watch Heath as the Joker. He was excellent, but you’re right when you point out that in being so dark and angry all day, mixed with personal problems… a recipe for disaster. I’m glad Richard seems to have his head on straight. I hope he gets to do a comedy next!

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