Those bad boys . . . always catching my eye. How ’bout you?


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    • I’m the same, I mean I married a sweet Harry Kennedy type, definitely not a bad boy. But as in so many other ways, Richard’s bad boys are the exception to the rule. I hope as more people discover Richard through Thorin, they will explore his other characters, including, of course, my beloved Guy. 😉

    • Thanks for the link, asilomar11! It’s a pity they used a picture which doesn’t do Guy justice (as one of the commenters pointed out on FB)!

  1. Lovely… 🙂

    Could you please tell me what’s the meaning of “flirty-girty” on the 4th pic ?

    Sorry, but my English is not perfect and I don’t understand that. 😉

    • Have you seen Cold Feet? In it, Ramona tells Lee he is a flirty-girty and he responds that he is a bit of one, meaning he likes to flirt with women with those smiles, those eyes, those looks he gives them, using all that charm and those good looks.

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