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Super Soldier Saturday: Portah, John Portah


Well, here I am yawning like it’s going out of style (I fell asleep sometime between 4 and 5 this morning and woke up every hour or two until 10-ish) so after this I am going to curl up with my magazine and try to get to sleep at a more decent hour. Here’s some JP to jumpstart your Saturday or close out your Friday . . . enjoy!¬† (Nietzsche, I know you are somewhere grinning like a possum, as the saying goes ’round here). ūüėČ

One last round of Guy, ladies–and a little Hobbit, too


I have comments to catch up on replying to, and my Entertainment Weekly¬†to peruse. The Hobbit¬†was mentioned as the number one “Blockbuster with Buzz” with a subheader, Peter Jackson‘s vision of The Hobbit is Clear. Really Clear including quotes from Sir Peter and major theatre chain execs referring to the controversial 48 fps vs. the traditional 24 fps displayed in the 10 minute clip collection at cinema.con.

One said, “There are some guys in this industry where you just say, over time,¬†they’ll figure this stuff out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s Sir Peter Jackson.” I heartily concur. My money’s on the adorable¬†and very, very clever bloke helming the whole project.

Ballpoint pen portrait on 21 x 29 cm format

Ballpoint pen portrait on 21 x 29 cm format (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can’t wait to see the cover stories sure to come on TH. And with EW’s penchant¬†for shooting multiple covers for different cast members as part of¬†major¬† cover stories¬†(which are included in all subscriber copies) there is a chance we just might see Thorin on one of those covers. ¬†And I suppose I¬†need to rustle up something for supper.¬† I guess just eating a mocha brownie is out of the question . . . yeah, I thought so.

Sir Guy is back . . .



courtesy of diaryofasham.com


Yesterday was one of those long, dreary, rainy, achy days. A day suitable for old movies, Photoshopping, reading,¬†writing¬†and nice, long naps.¬† All of which I did. As much as my tresses could have used a washing, I knew the weather would not cooperate, with my waves and loose curls turning to frizz even with my anti-humidity spray. Today, however, we have sunshine, fewer aches and pains, and the hair is now clean, the dishes washed (courtesy of the dishwasher) and the A/C back on again (it’s supposed to hit 87 degrees today). And now, back to our regularly scheduled dose of Sir Guy of Gisborne, my favorite Richard Armitage chaRActer and the fella we honor each Friday.














The first Guyday Friday in the merry month of May


Yes, it’s the day of celebration of all things Sir Guy, aka the Duke of the Devilishly Delicious, Sultan of Smoulder and Swagger, the Hot Henchman, the Luscious Lieutenant, the Mega-Sexy Master-at-Arms . . .