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The Wonderful World of Richard: Making the Planet a More Beautiful Place


And when I say Richard Armitage makes the world more beautiful, I don’t just mean in terms of his spectacular good looks. It is also all that inward beauty–the intelligent, the wit, the talent, the dedication to his profession, the modesty, the generosity, the charisma, the genuine sweetness of him–that shines through and just brightens and beautifies this old world.










Portah and an excess of Photoshopping (both are addictive)


Good Saturday afternoon (or night, or Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you are in).  This will be the last post for a while today. I’ve been having chest pains, which startled me at first, and then I realized it’s due to a combination of trying to shift my mattress coupled with excessive amounts of Photoshopping . . . what a surprise. I have almost 200 pieces of artwork–just for Guy alone. Another 100 or so for Porter. And all the rest . . .  dang it, so many wonderful images of Mr. Armitage and his chaRActers to play with!!

Anyhow, I’ve taken a muscle relaxer and pain med and I’m going to “chillax” for a while, perhaps take a nap. In the meantime, more Portah. I will catch up with all your comments later, ladies.  As always, thanks for reading and commenting!  We are averaging well over 1,000 views per day of late.  Oh, and a happy Cinco de Mayo, too! 😀

This one’s for Nietzsche . . . belated best wishes!


Nietzsche is one of Sgt. Porter’s most devoted fans and she always left me such wonderful comments when I was writing Truce. Knowing that your writing efforts are read and appreciated and enjoyed means a tremendous amount.  It seems only fitting that Porter and Layla extend belated birthday greetings to Nietzsche!!

More Portah Pleasah . . .


Happy Saturday to you all!  More Portah for your perusing pleasah, ladies.  (Pleasure sounds so much more–pleasurable said with a British accent, I think. Just as “leyshur” sounds sexier and more decadent then “lee-shur” somehow.  😉  ) And speaking of Portah and pleasah . . .

Our favorite fantasy sequence . . . hot, hot, HOT.

Loved the little addition of Porter giving Layla the once-over at the prison. Wonder if that look was scripted or simply an inspired addition by our clever, detail-loving lad?

And he’s a very good boy, too. Especially when he’s being bad.

I got a hankering for Porter last night and re-read several chapters of Truce, so I am feeling quite nostalgic  . . . what can I say?

I think you will all agree with the above sentiment.