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  1. Somebody should put up an internet petition for a VoD reunion show!!!!! 🙂 Richard needs to do a comedy after TH!

    • Well at one interview, Richard himself said something to the effect that he hoped and prayed that they would do another special! You can also download another interview he did, this time on BBC’s This Morning, 27th Oct 2008 which can be found in two parts on the RA Central Media downloads page – the TV and Video section – where the VoD is mentioned again. (There is one on YT but it comes with Russian subtitles which distracted me a little.) I find it very cute when he looks at the woman and asks, “How many do you think they would have had?” – or words to that effect and she replies something like, “Lots of very beautiful ones I imagine”!! Gosh was she ever charmed by him or what? She introduced him as “the lovely Richard Armitage” for a start!! 😀 I’m sure you’ve all seen it before but it is still worth another look! I just did!!!!!!!!!! *swoon* I also noticed that she too nearly dropped the sheets of paper she had on her knee. He does seem to have that EFFECT on us, doesn’t he?? 😉

      • After six years it’s long overdue *sigh* I live in hope because they kept the set instead of burning it as originally intended, so they were obviously keeping their options open. Richard did say that Dawn wanted to do another special, but I wonder if she still feels that way.
        Teuchter, I’ve just gone back to have yet another look at that interview, and you’re right…it’s soooo worth it!! “Mad About the Boy” was certainly an appropriate intro song. Richard oozes sex appeal, even with that tied-back hair, which I’d consider skanky on anyone else! 🙂

        • Yeah! I thought the song choice there was spot on!! I always thought he looked incredibly gorgeous in that interview – tied-back hair and all! Where in the world did he get the idea he looked “like a vagrant”?? Did any of you think he was more than a little flirty there too? Something about the way his eyes always seemed to be drawn back to the woman! Sorry, I’ve forgotten her name.

          • It’s probably just as well his hair was tied back. Can you imagine seeing him sitting there with Guy S3 locks? *thud*
            I’ve been trying to put those October’08 interviews into some kind of time frame. He obviously hadn’t finished with RH, but had he finished with Spooks 7 and was just back in England doing some promotional appearances? I know he disappeared from RH3 for two episodes early on to film Spooks, but surely it would’ve taken longer than that to fulfill his commitment.

            • I’ve got to get to sleep soon, but the reason Richard was gone those two eps for RH was he needed to shoot some additional stuff for Spooks. Principal photography was already done. Which means he had to have those extensions taken out to play Lucas, then put back in to return to playing Guy in RH S3. I suspect the RH people wanted to sort of keep his Guy locks under wraps, too, making us wait to get the full effect. 😉 I’ve never seen anyone look less like a vagrant than Richard. I adore how he looks in those interviews. He’s got a glow about him–he looks so handsome, I think.

              And yes, he was just back in England to promote the new series of Spooks, thus the need to put up his Guy locks for the time being. 😉

              • Thanks for taking the time to explain this, angie. I like to have this kind of thing sorted out in my head! 😉
                I agree, he does have a glow about him…he looks happy and downright gorgeous.

              • The romantic in me says that he was in love at the time and hence the glow… *sigh* I love the tied-back hair. I’ve got a screencap from that interview as my wallpaper on my PC at home. He looked heart-stoppingly gorgeous that morning. Vagrant indeed… If only vagrants looked like THAT!

              • He’s beautiful in those interviews, but I remember another fan saying she thought he looked “terrible.” I wondered if she needed to have her eyes checked. ???

              • It never ceases to amaze me how differently people perceive things… I thought he was at his most gorgeous that morning. He did have a beautiful glow about him. Those smiles!!!

              • No arguments from me. He simply glowed with vitality that day. You saw it in his eyes, his smile, his beautiful skin. I enjoy using those screencaps in my vids and artwork. 😀

  2. Richard was a busy boy that day, with two BBC interviews, an earlier one at 9am, followed by This Morning about 11, then he was flying out to Budapest. IMO the earlier interview was the better one, more intelligent questions and not one about the circus!

    • You KNOW the bloody circus topic will manage to rear its ugly head again when the publicity rounds for The Hobbit begin. It’s as if these people don’t bother to read more than one or two paragraphs of Richard’s bio. And please let them know how to pronounce his name. *sigh*

      • I can just see one of the silly twits thinking she’s interviewing the guy who was married to Valerie Plame… Then she’ll feel the *thud* effect, drop the papers, and ask the same stupid question. The man must have the patience of a saint.

        • I’m afraid he’ll have to have the patience of 2 saints once TH promotion rounds start… I shudder to think what kind of stupid questions he’ll be asked again and again…And again.

          • Why couldn’t they let one of us interview him? Angie has newspaper experience; I’ve had public speaking, training, and teaching experience; and so on. We have the smarts; we know our subject; and we’d want to put him at ease, maybe even make him laugh. We would ask decent questions… But then we’re not “celebrities” or TV “personalities” who have allowed any brains they had to atrophy.

            • We undoubtedly would do a superior job compared to the “bubble-headed bleached blondes” out there who often do a superficial job of learning about their subject, not even bothering to learn how to pronounce their names. “Army-tahge . . .” Puh-leeze, child. There are so many things I want to learn about his preparation for his roles, about his own favorite actors, about the challenges of shooting a film like The Hobbit, the importance of costuming and makeup in getting into the character, what other literary characters he dreams of bringing to life . . . so many things.

              • Maybe they should let the fans submit questions, that way the stupid but famous “TV personalities” would still get to ask the questions but at least the questions themselves would not be stupid! Although, Lord knows the director (or producer or whoever) would probably pick the dumbest and most intrusive questions of the lot and not the intelligent ones… *sigh*

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