Daily Archives: May 9, 2012

Presenting Maya-free Shirtless Lucas . . .


I think we’ll agree this promo photo of Richard Armitage as Lucas for S9 is absolutely delicious, but the original had, of course, a mopey-looking Laila Rouass as Maya in part of the photo. Now, my Photoshopping skills are still fledgling, and following the beautiful contours of Mr. A’s body is a bit tricky in places when one is erasing the background.  Enjoyable, but tricky. Still, I decided to tackle it and was pretty pleased with the final results.  I hope you enjoy a Maya-Free Zone. 😉

SND Wednesday continues: Let’s end the death streak, Mr. A


I saw a Tweet that said something along that lines of “Sean Bean dies in every 1.25 movies.” He does seem to shuffle off the mortal coil an awful lot in his films. Here’s hoping that Richard does not rack up a similar average as he embarks on his film career. After all, with Guy, Lucas, Portah, Heinz and now Thorin, we’ll have a death streak that is depressingly long enough. It’s starting to get crowded here in the den with all the SND chaRActers.

Here’s to Richard having a lovely role in a good film in which he gets to laugh, gets to love, and gets to live past the closing credits. And honestly, Richard, we don’t ask this for purely selfish reasons. You’ve wanted to do something “all about love,” right? It would be so beneficial to your mental and emotional health.

Oh, and, maybe–throw in a shower scene. Or two. OK, that request might be for selfish reasons. But we’ve been in such a long drought–the thought of your bare skin water is so very appealing.
In the meantime, more of our wonderful SND chaRActers.